Volume 8: The Key to the Steel Door

Gaiden- Catis

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

"Relax a little more"
I often tell Julious.

But it seems he likes to bear a heavy burden on purpose.
He just gets more tense.

Julious- You're not confident you will become Queen?
Dia! You were chosen as a Queen Candidate, how can you be so timid!

Julious- The Queen's anxiety becomes the world's anxiety.
You must strengthen your resolve.

Catis- Oh boy.

Angelique- Please wait, Julious-sama.

Catis- Oh.

Angelique- Dia is trying her hardest. She's far superior to someone like me.

Dia- Angelique.

Julious- What?

Angelique- Dia is confused. Please understand Dia's feelings.

Angelique- Aren't Guardians people who protect and nurture the cosmos along with the Queen?

Angelique- They should be people who sympathize more with people's feelings.

Catis- You very meekly admitted your mistake, didn't you, Julious?

Julious- Catis, were you watching?

Julious- In this case, I was wrong. Because I saw it that way, I apologized.

Julious- Heh. Still, I didn't expect to be shown what it is to be a Guardian by a girl younger
than I am.

Julious- She's a mysterious girl.
I sense courage, action, and strength of will.
It makes me think that... perhaps a girl like that might create a new world.

Catis- *Oh.*

Angelique- Wow, they're pretty.

Catis- I have a bit of a passion for cocktails.

Angelique- Still, it's amazing.

Dia- Catis-sama, I had heard you were a person with a love of drink, but it was true.

Catis- Hey, don't misunderstand.
I'm the Guardian of Green, Catis. The power of Green presides over fertility.
I'm involuntarily starting rumors.

Catis- A life without hunger also creates bounty in people's hearts.
And so, people with bountiful hearts share just a little of the gift with the poor
Guardian of Green who is only shut up in the Sanctuary.

Catis- So, before I knew it, my wine cellar was filled with choice liquors from every place.

Catis- Each one is the people's feelings of gratitude.
I drink them with great care.

Dia- I think I understand the feelings of the people.
It's the idea of answering a smile with a smile.

Angelique- Bounty of the heart is generosity of feelings, isn't it?

Angelique- Guardians have such wonderful powers.

Catis- You young ladies are wonderful too.

Catis- As thanks for the praise, I'll treat you.



Catis- Even the future Queen is only a Queen Candidate now.
I'll overlook just a bit of letting loose.

Dia- I accept.

Angelique- Dia!?


Angelique- How can you drink alcohol!

Dia- Delicious.

Angelique- Dia...
*For the first time I know the truth about my best friend...*

*Actually, it's mostly juice.*

Catis- Is the freckled young lady stopping?
You don't have to force yourself.

*He said freckled...*

Angelique- No! I accept!!



Angelique- *Oh...* It's sweet and delicious.



Catis- Hey, are you alright?

Angelique- I'm fine!
*Old man, another glass!*

Dia- Angelique?

Catis- Somehow, it doesn't look like it.
*For the time being, I'll give her water.*

Angelique- Oh, the color of this one's pretty too.

Catis- Oh, that's...


Catis- Liquor strong enough to take out a Rumian elephant...

Dia- Kyaaa, Angelique!!


Julious- That, that a Queen Candidate should pass out upon drinking in the daytime is unheard of.
I was wrong to have been moved even a little.

Catis- Now, now, Julious.
Encouraging it was my fault.

Julious- Catis.


Luva- Clavis?

Julious- Clavis, what is so funny?

Clavis- No, I was thinking she is an amusing Queen Candidate.

Julious- This is no time to be amused.
We are in the position of having to guide those girls.

Luva- Ah, um.

Catis- Wait, Julious.
Doesn't that apply to me too?
I understand what you're trying to say, but this time I'm asking you to settle it peacefully,


Angelique- I made a mistake.
... My head hurts.
This is the worst...

Clavis- Are you alright?

Angelique- Clavis-sama?

*springing up*

Clavis- Stay in bed.

*throbbing pain*

Angelique- Ah!

Clavis- I heard the situation and I intended to return at once.
Dia said...


Angelique- Uh, um, I'm alright.
My headache is bad because I also got a bump when I fell.

Clavis- Your face is flushed.

Clavis- Do you have a fever?



Angelique- It seems like the pain is kind of disappearing.

Angelique- Could this be the power of the Sacrea of Dark?

Clavis- No, I'm not doing anything.

Angelique- Oh, then this is your power.

Angelique- It feels nice and cool.

Catis- Say, Julious, aren't you a bit hard on Clavis?
Even though what you're saying is correct, it doesn't get through.
He's different from you.

Julious- You don't have to tell me, Catis.

Julious- I've known Clavis since childhood.
Since there weren't Guardians of the same age, we learned and played together.

We'll join our powers and serve Her Majesty.


Julious- We made a promise.
To shoulder Her Majesty's two wings as the Guardians of Light and Dark.

Julious- Moreover, Clavis used to be cute. He was always meekly following behind me.
Before I knew it, he passed my height and his attitude was no longer cute!

Catis- ......

After all, maybe it's that we're counting on you more than anyone.

Catis- What a brat.

Julious- What did you say?

Catis- No, I'm happy there's such a human part to you.

Or it's clumsiness or being overly obedient.


Julious- What is that supposed to mean!?

Catis- Don't be so impatient. Someday, a person who understands your way of doing things will
turn up.
I'll make an effort too, Mr. head Guardian.

Catis- Hang in there, leader.

Maybe you'll realize someday that a heavy burden should be divided.

Take it slow. Soon, something will change.

Because a new era is coming.

[Gaiden- Catis/End]


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