Volume 8: The Key to the Steel Door

Gaiden- Dia

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Luva- Rai seems to be infatuated with you.

Dia- Luva-sama.

Luva- Yesterday, he came storming into my place in a rage. Asking what was I saying to you when
I saw you.

Dia- Oh no...

Luva- Ah, he is assertive, but,

Luva- Um, I think being honest with his own feelings is something he wants to learn.

There was a time I thought so too.
Suppose everyone gained the assertiveness to be able to act without fearing any conflict
like Rai-sama.

Luva- Oh, isn't that Angelique and Julious?

Angelique- Julious-sama, do you like horseback riding?

Julious- Are you surprised?

Angelique- With that appearance, I can't even imagine.

Julious- Horses are gentle and beautiful.
Above all, nothing else compares to the moment you become one with the horse, galloping.

Angelique- Oh, I understand. At home, I galloped around on a horse on our family's small estate

Angelique- *giggle* Julious-sama, I was thinking you might be a scary person, but,
I see that when you're talking about horses, your expression is very soft and undoubtedly
your affection is even lavished on horses.

Angelique- You're a solemn and stern person, but you also have an aspect of deep affection.

Julious- Should I consider that praise?

Angelique- Of course.

Luva- It's unusual. Julious with such an expression...

Dia- Clavis-sama.

Luva- Huh?

Luva- Clavis!

Luva- Ah, Dia, I'm sorry, but I must say goodbye now.

The day of the Queen election was approaching.
We must not forget that we are at all times Queen Candidates and Guardians.

Luva- Ah, please wait, Clavis.

Luva- You... um, like Angelique... don't you?

Luva- Oh, um... well.
If you're not honest with your feelings, it's bad for your health.


Clavis- Luva...

Luva- Ah, I think it's a good thing.
Um... you smile more than before.
If that's Angelique's power, then you need her, don't you?

Luva- Um... it may be none of my business, but... you always end up swallowing your words,
don't you?

Luva- I'm worried about that...

Luva- Oh, ah, please don't be offended.
What I mean is, um.

Luva- More...
You should speak as you feel more honestly.

Luva- I'm sure you'll get through to Angelique and to Julious.

Clavis- ... Really?

Luva- Yes.

I will convey my own feelings.
Summoning up my courage.

Angelique- Clavis-sama.

Clavis- Angelique, are going out now?

Angelique- Please wait!

Clavis- Angelique!?

Angelique- *Shh.*
You know that climbing trees is my strong point, don't you?

Angelique- Besides.


Angelique- You're below too.

Angelique- The park at night is exciting.
It's like a completely different place than in the daytime.

Clavis- You're not afraid of the dark of night?

Angelique- No.

Angelique- No matter how dark it is, I know you're there.


Clavis- Angelique.

Angelique- Yes.

Clavis- ... You're a Queen Candidate.

Angelique- Though I'm a bit of a failure.

Clavis- If you became Queen, the world would be filled with light.

Angelique- Her Majesty is the one who decides that.

Clavis- I think it would be better if you weren't chosen as Queen.

Clavis- I like you.

Clavis- Until now, I have never acted according to my own will.

Neither before becoming a Guardian,
nor after.

Clavis- I need you.

Clavis- I can't imagine a time from now on without you anymore.

Clavis- Won't you stay by my side from now on?

Angelique- I'm a Queen Candidate.

Clavis- I know.

Angelique- Her Majesty is deciding the next Queen, I can't make a hasty reply at this time.

Clavis- Yes, I understand.

Angelique- Her Majesty, as light, lavishes love on all of the cosmos.
On all life without discrimination.

Angelique- Right now, I,

Angelique- Want to be the light of people who need me.

Clavis- You're as beautiful as a moon goddess.

Angelique- I'll reply tomorrow.
At the lake in the woods.

That day, in the morning, there was an urgent summons.
At last Her Majesty had decided the next Queen.

Queen- I shall convey my will.

Queen- Dia.

Dia- Yes.

Queen- There is no doubt that if this had been an ordinary time, you would have been more
appropriate as Queen than anyone.
You have kindness and dedication and you would have been able to love and foster the cosmos.

Queen- But you are not fit for the next era with that alone!

Queen- My cosmos is meeting its lifespan and has begun to walk the path of destruction.
It needs a person to clear a new path with a conception and potential that a Queen so far has
not had.

I have no time left...!!

Queen- Angelique, I want to entrust the cosmos to you!

You are the only one who can save this world.

Queen- The next Queen will have to endure great hardships...
Will you accept?

Dia- Angelique...

It seemed as if a long time passed.

Angelique- I accept.

Angelique- I respectfully accept Your Majesty's command!


Aide- 255th Queen Angelique.
I offer you my heartfelt thanks and blessing.

Angelique- Madam Aide.

Aide- I will quickly arrange a ceremony to present you as the next Queen to the Guardians.
Please get ready.


Angelique- So soon...?

Dia- Please wait.
Please give us a little time.

Dia- Angelique...

Angelique- Dia, if you're worried about me... it's alright.

Dia- Angelique!?

Angelique- Dia, I'll protect the cosmos with my life.
As a great light, I'll embrace everything.

Together with him.

Angelique- Will you help me?

Dia- ... Yes! Angelique.
Have we ever been apart yet?

Julious- I offer my congratulations to the next Queen.

Angelique- Julious-sama.

Julious- From now on, please call me Julious.

Angelique- !

Angelique- ... Well then, Julious. Please deliver a message.

Angelique- At the lake in the woods... tell Clavis "I can't go".
Just that...

Julious- ... As you wish.

Julious- Clavis.

Clavis- ... Julious?

Julious- Angelique isn't coming here.
The final decision of the next Queen has been made by Her Majesty.

It can't be...


Julious- I didn't believe it until I came here.
That a Guardian would have a personal relationship with a candidate for the next Queen.

Julious- For us, she is not an ordinary girl.
She is a light-bearing angel who must become the Queen who presides over the cosmos!

Julious- That light is something that must be devoted to the sake of the world, isn't it!?

Julious- If there's something you want to say, then try saying it.
So that I can understand.

Clavis- I...

Love her...

Want to be the light of people who need me.

Now, who needs her the most is-

Julious- Clavis?

Clavis- Enough...
Don't concern yourself with me anymore.

Everything is over!

Let us shut it away and let it sleep.

The joy, sadness, and even pain.

Until someday the memory of this love becomes an amber colored fossil.

[Gaiden- Dia/End]


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