Volume 8: The Key to the Steel Door

Gaiden- Randy

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Julious- Regarding the Sacrea of Wind, I can safely say that there are no effects from the
Guardian alternation.
Her Majesty's power is also filling the world without a hitch.

Julious- Guardian of Wind, Randy.

Randy- ... Yes!

Julious- From now on, you should be aware of that responsibility and attend to your duties

Randy- Yes! I'll do my best, Julious-sama!


The Guardian of Light, Julious-sama.

Julious- I look forward to it.

He's young, but he's dignified and gives the impression of being a Guardian among Guardians.

Randy- We're retainers serving Her Majesty, we're also knights who protect Her Majesty.

*echoing footsteps*

Oscar- I'm going to train you rigorously, be prepared, boy.



Randy- Oscar-sama, please stop calling me boy.

The Guardian of Fire, Oscar-sama sometimes teaches me fencing.

Randy- A sword and long cape are cool after all.

He fits the word "knight" better than anyone.

Someday, I too will become a splendid Guardian protecting Her Majesty and shouldering the future
of the cosmos!!
Worthy of the Sanctuary.
Worthy of being Her Majesty's knight.

Randy- I have to do my best to become a Guardian like those two quickly.


Randy- ?

It's the Guardian of Dark, Clavis-sama
and the Guardian of Water, Lumiale-sama.

Julious- Clavis.
Isn't it strange, you visiting the Royal Research Institute.

Julious- Did you feel like considering yourself a Guardian a little?

Clavis- Not really... I merely thought that once in a while I'd like to see different scenery.


What is it!?
This freezing atmosphere...

Clavis- The new Guardian of Wind?

Clavis- I'll give you a piece of advice.
Wherever you go, don't forget your true nature.
You don't need to become anyone else.

Clavis- You'll understand eventually.


Julious- Randy, you don't need listen to that kind of person's nonsense!


Julious- Let's go.

Oscar- Yes.

Randy- U, um, I...

Lumiale- It's nothing to worry about.

Randy- Lumiale-sama.

Lumiale- It's normal.
I was shocked at first too, but it seems that's the way those two communicate.

Randy- Huh...?

Lumiale- Bye.

Come to think of it, this is the first time I've seen Clavis-sama and Julious-sama like that.
Personal relations in the Sanctuary seem profound.

Olivie- *nfufun* Look, look, Oscar.
Isn't something like this nice once in a while?

*Check it out, mysterious black hair.*

Oscar- Don't go walking to show off every single time.
It's indecent.

Olivie- How can you say that! As soon as you see a woman you make a pass at her.

Oscar- I try to make a distinction between public and private life.

Oscar- You should turn that enthusiasm towards yourself to your work a little more.

Olivie- Oh come on, Julious just said that to me a little while ago.

*Call him Julious-"sama".*
Oscar- ...... Don't you add an honorific title to superiors, Olivie?

*How can you do deskwork looking like that...*
Olivie- You say Luva's name without an honorific, don't you?

Oscar- ......

Servant- Oscar-sama, the Guardian of Wind has arrived.

Randy- Hello.

Randy- I'm sorry, do you have a guest?

Oscar- It doesn't matter, don't worry about it. I had an appointment to teach you fencing.

Olivie- Hi.

Randy- How do you do.
My name is Randy.


Olivie- You don't recognize me? Seriously?

Randy- Oh, have we met somewhere? I don't recall...


*Trying to hide the mole...*

Olivie- Oh...?



Oscar- If your business is done, hurry up and leave. The office is beginning to stink of perfume.

Olivie- Hey, isn't that a cruel way to speak!?

Oscar- It's you. You're bound to have come up with something no good!

Olivie- Does that mean good riddance?

Randy- Um, Oscar-sama, if you're busy, I'll leave.
It's not good to take that kind of attitude with a woman.

Randy- Since you invited her to the palace, um... is she your girlfriend?
If she is, then you have to be nicer.

Oscar- Randy! That's not it.


Olivie- Oh, Oscar-sama, you're embarrassing me.


Oscar- Mmph!

Oscar- O, Olivi...

Olivie- If you interfere, I'll tell Julious about your behavior in town.

Olivie- *You're still playing innocent, aren't you?*

Oscar- What are you going to do!?

*pretending not to see*


*feigned voice*
Olivie- My name is Olivi...a, pleased to meet you, Randy-sama.

Olivie- Do your best on your sword practice.


Randy- Oscar-sama.

Oscar- Randy, don't say anything now.
*Don't make me say it.....*

*He's overcome. He's overcome.*

Oscar- Alright! Let's go out to the garden.
If I don't move my body, I won't be able to do it.


Randy- Yes.

Randy- Taah!

Oscar- Your balance is weak.


Randy- Shit.

Oscar- Oh.
*You're quick.*


Oscar- Wow.
You're making pretty good moves.

Olivie- It seems you're learning fast.

Olivie- *smooch*

Oscar- I told her she should leave right away.

Randy- Oscar-sama.

Oscar- Alright, let's make this it for today.

Randy- Yes, thank you!

Randy- Um, Oscar-sama.

Randy- Please be a little nicer to Olivia-san.
I think there's something strange, for a woman, her voice is low, she's tall, heavyset,
and her makeup is a little heavy, but
isn't she pretty?

Oscar- Randy... though you're able to make rational observations that much, how could you not

Oscar- She's,

Randy- ?

Olivie- Oscar-sama.

Olivie- What are you talking about?

Oscar- Uwa, you're here!

Olivie- *Well* That's harsh.

Olivie- Set your mind at ease. I've decided to say goodbye.
That's why I'm here, Oscar-sama.

Olivie- At least, as a final memento, won't you tell me you love me?

Oscar- Lo.. ve?


Oscar- How can you say something like that!!

Randy- Oscar-sama!!


*Stifling his laughter.*

Olivie- It's fine, Randy-sama.
There's a great difference in status between Oscar-sama and I. I'm giving it up as an
impossible love.

Olivie- *I laughed too hard and my mascara is...*

Randy- No.
A difference in status doesn't matter!

Olivie- Randy-sama?

Randy- I'm sorry. My father and mother also overcame the status of noble and commoner and

Randy- When I became a Guardian, my mother no longer felt ashamed, but up to then it had been
I'm going to become an excellent Guardian for the sake of my mother and younger sister.

Randy- Because my mother was a spirited person, she was always smiling. You mustn't give up
If the feelings of two people are genuine, there isn't any wall they can't climb over.

Randy- I'll try and make it so you can see Oscar-sama one more time.

"I'm going to become an excellent Guardian for the sake of my mother"?

Olivie- I thought he was a carefree, rich kid from the nobility.
But even he has plenty of problems.

I feel a little guilty...

Olivie- For the sake of the innocent boy, will the mysterious beauty, Olivia, disappear?
Now's the chance, isn't it?

Randy- Olivia-san?

Olivie- Farewell, Randy-sama, I won't forget you.


Randy- You mustn't give up, Olivia-san!


... That idiot.

He's jumping down from there!? Typical.

Olivie- Stop!!

Olivie- Huh!!?

Randy- Uwaa!




Olivie- Ow... ouch.

Randy- Ow, ow, ow...

Randy- Olivia-san, are you... alright?


Randy- !?

Olivie- Heh.

Randy- This hair is...


Randy- A wig?
... And a flat chest...

She's not a woman!!

Randy- ......
A man?

Olivie- I'm surprised.

Olivie- You have good reflexes.

*pat pat*

Blond hair and a flashy appearance...

*A match.*

Randy- You're...

Randy- You're the Guardian of Dream, Olivie-sama!?

Olivie- That's right.

Randy- You tricked me!!

Olivie- No, you don't notice much so I just... you know.

Randy- That's mean. I... I was really worried.

Olivie- Yeah... I'm sorry. I regret doing it.

*He's apologizing so meekly...*

Oscar- What bad luck, Randy.
Even I've had enough of being made to go along with his jokes.

*To think that he's a person who is cold to women.*
Randy- I'm sorry, I misunderstood you.

Oscar- I'm glad the misunderstanding has been cleared up.

Olivie- But you're too thick-headed too. You're the one who made the mistake at the start.

Randy- But with the makeup and wearing those clothes...

Olivie- Don't complain about a person's tastes!

Randy- ... I understand, alright then.

Randy- Oh.
I won't tell anyone about your relationship.

Oscar&Olivie- That's not it either!

Randy- ...... *Ow.*

*Kyaa, kyaa.*
Women- Oscar-sama!

Woman1- We came to pick you up.

Woman2- You stood us up yesterday and the day before!!

Woman3- You can make it up to us today!

Oscar- Ok, ladies.
Tonight we're going to dance until dawn.



Randy- Oscar-sama...?

Ideal of a noble knight.

Olivie- Please, you mustn't become like that, Randy.

Julious- What a pity.

Olivie- Ugh, Julious.

*Is the cat out of the bag?*

The Sanctuary is a scary place.

"Don't lose sight of yourself."
I felt I now understood Clavis-sama's words a little.

Julious- *Aren't you taking it seriously?*

Clavis- *I'm fulfilling my obligations.*

Dia- *How is the tea?
How about the cake?*

Lumiale- *I'll play something for you.*

Randy- My stomach is full already.

Luva- Ah, I'm sorry.

Rai- *Don't anyone touch me.*

I came to think that I should become a Guardian of Wind like no one else but me.

But for a while after that,

Olivie- Yoohoo, Randy.

There was nothing to bridge the gap between me and Olivie-sama.

Olivie- As an apology, I'll give you any of my outfits. I'll specially add makeup as a bonus.
Though it doesn't seem likely that you use makeup.

Randy- No thanks.

[Gaiden- Randy/End]


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