Volume 9: Rondo of Fire and Love

The Twenty-ninth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

The cosmos is ruled by one Queen.

I'm Angelique, a candidate for the next Queen.

Together with another Queen Candidate, Rosalia,
I'm in the middle of the Queen Examination!

The Holy Palace.

Ange- I can't believe it.

Ange- Until just yesterday, my continent was leading in population and number of buildings.
It recovered in an instant.

Rosa- If I get a little serious, this is exactly how it is.


Rosa- Honestly, you're so spineless, Angelique.
But, I wonder if it's only natural?
Since after all, I am the perfect Queen Candidate,
Rosalia De Catargena.

Rosa- A bit of trouble won't handicap me.

Rosa- The contest is just beginning, Angelique.

Ange- That's just the way I want it, Rosalia.

I have to do my best.

Ange- Let's see, the people of Elysion want the power of Light now.
That's a sense of responsibility and aspirations... I suppose.

Rosa- Oh, this is unexpected. Felicia also wants the power of Light.
Light is the power needed most by Felicia recovering the first of its strength.



Ange- Hey Rosalia, your pace today is really fast.

Rosa- Angelique, you're always slow. Is it alright to be in such a hurry?

Rosa- Be careful not to take a wrong step.
Don't trip.

Ange- Wha?
... Oh, huh?



Ange- Kyaa!


Rosa- Oh my, as soon as I said it.

Ange- It's because you said something to make me self-conscious.

Rosa- Excuse me for going ahead.

Ange- Rosalia, you meanie!

Oscar- Are you alright, missy?

Oscar- You took a really big fall today.

The Guardian of Fire, Oscar-sama.

Oscar- Be careful. Blue bruises don't suit a maiden's white skin.

Oscar- While I'm at it, with my passionate kiss, I'll...

Ange- Don't worry,
I'm fine!


Oscar- *Please.*

Oscar- Julious-sama.


Julious- Oscar.

Julious- Angelique too?

Ange- Oh, I came to request cultivation.
I'd like you to send the Sacrea of Light you preside over to Elysion.

Julious- Understood. I will send my power to Felicia and Elysion.

Ange- Yes, thank you!

Marcel- Hello, Angelique.

Ange- Marcel-sama.

Marcel- Hey, what about my power?

Marcel- Is there enough power of Green on the continent?

Ange- Yes. It seems the Sacreas of Light and Wind are wanted on Elysion now.

Marcel- Tell me when you need it. I'll do my best and send power.

Marcel- Oh, but if you're looking for Randy, I don't think he's there now.
A little while ago, Zephel was trying to skip work again and Randy chased after him.

Ange- Huh?

Marcel- Even I'm tired of associating with them.

Rosa- Zephel-sama?

Rosa- How awful. Felicia urgently needs the power of "Steel".

Rosa- Marcel-sama, where were the two of them going?

Marcel- Oh... who knows? Sorry, I can't help you.

Rosa- No. Thank you for the information, Marcel-sama.

Rosa- Well then, good day, everyone.

Ange- That's just like Rosalia, she changes so fast.

Julious- Angelique, what will you do?

Ange- I......


Rosa- Hello, Luva-sama. I'd like to speak with you.

Rosa- Olivie-sama?

Olivie- Oh, why it's Rosalia.

Olivie- Recently, you've abandoned me. I can't stand the loneliness.
Doesn't Felicia want the power of Dream?

Rosa- At the moment, it seems there's plenty.

Olivie- Oh. But come visit me now and then even without cultivating.
Promise, okay?

*pinkie swear*

Luva- Ah, Olivie, sorry to interrupt, but

Luva- If your business is finished, please leave.
It seems Rosalia wants to speak with me.

*Well then, I'll borrow this.*
Olivie- Oh, sorry to intrude.

Olivie- See you, Rosalia.

Rosa- Yes...

Luva- ... Well? What is it you want to speak with me about?

Rosa- Um... I want to request cultivation from Zephel-sama, but I don't know where he is.
I thought you might have a clue.

Luva- Is he skipping work... again?

Luva- As the person in charge of his education, it's a headache.

Rosa- Luva-sama...

Luva- But then, it's no use grieving.
Ah, let's try thinking a bit, shall we?

Luva- Ah, this morning too, Zephel's eyes were red.
It looks as if he stayed up all night tinkering with some machine.

Zephel- *It seems like I'm being stubborn, but
my eyes are naturally red.*

Luva- In that case he might be taking a nap in the garden of Clavis' mansion or in an unused room
in the outer courtyard of the Holy Palace...
Ah, or he's conducting a trial run to check the result of an experiment... I suppose.
Ah, I think that's it.
Since he appeared to be in a good mood, I'm sure he had some good result.

Rosa- Then, Zephel-sama is...

Luva- He can't carry it out at the Holy Palace. And there's not the usual commotion.
First of all, it would be terrible if he were challenged by Julious.

Rosa- Zephel-sama has gone to a far-off place where no one can disturb him...?

Cultivation for today is hopeless!?

Luva- Ah, no, no. It may not seem like it, but he's the kind who wants to show off his inventions
to people.

Rosa- He's in a spacious place where people are gathered...?

The tones of a harp...

Lumiale- Why it's Angelique.

Ange- Hello, Lumiale-sama.

Lumiale- Do you have business with Clavis-sama?

Ange- Um... I'm looking for Randy-sama.
I was wondering if you might know where he is with your crystal ball...

Clavis- How many times do I have to tell you?
My crystal ball isn't something so convenient.

Ange- I'm sorry.

Lumiale- If you're looking for Randy, he was running around looking for Zephel a while ago.
Since it has become completely quiet, he's probably not around here anymore.

Clavis- Come to think of it... it seems Zephel built something strange again.
I heard that he was going to make a test flight at the park...

Ange- Then Randy-sama is at the park too?

Clavis- If he is still continuing the pursuit.

Ange- Clavis-sama...

Clavis- I can tell that without relying on the crystal ball.

Ange- Thank you! I'll try going to the park.


Clavis- What is so funny?

Lumiale- No, you have good hearing...

Clavis- ... Be quiet and play.

The park.

The park.


Rosa- Angelique, what are you doing? Don't follow me! I'm going to the park.

Ange- I'm not following you. I'm going to the park too.

Rosa- What did you say!?

*I won't be beaten.*


Zephel- Well, it's finally the first flight.


Zephel- It's my super advanced bird-type special mecha, voice controlled, free flight type,
with learning ability.

Zephel- It moves in response to my voice!

Boys- *Oh. Wow.*

Zephel- Go! PX-WW(read double wing)-09.



Ange- Oh, is that

*high pitched ringing*

Ange- A new model of Mecha-Chupi!?

Ange- There he is.

Ange&Rosa- Zephel-sama!

Zephel- Uwaa!

*firm grip*

Zephel- Wh... what are you doing?

Rosa- I have a request for cultivation!!

*Let go.*
Zephel- My work is already finished for today.

Rosa- That can't be!

Zephel- I guess it can't be helped.
Return, WW-09.


Zephel- Huh?

Zephel- Did it get broken with that yelling a while ago!?

Ange&Rosa- Eh!?

*high pitched ringing*


Woman- Kyaa!

Man- Uwaa!




Ange&Rosa- Kyaa!

Ange&Rosa- Zephel-sama you pervert!

Zephel- It wasn't my fault!
*It's beyond my control.*

Zephel- This is bad, people are bound to get hurt.

Randy- Next time make a mecha for catching Mecha-Chupi too.

Zephel- Don't call it Mecha-Chupi!

Zephel- Ugh, Randy.

Randy- I finally caught you Zephel.

Zephel- We have to stop it somehow. Now's not the time for that.

Ange- Randy-sama.

Randy- Oh, you have a point there.

Randy- If it's alright to do something a little drastic...

*pulling bow*

Zephel- Can you really shoot it down with that?

Randy- I may not necessarily succeed...
Even though it's a mecha, this is the first time I've aimed at a bird.

Randy- ... I'm sorry.




*crowd roaring*

Man- He hit it!

Boy- It fell.

*crowd roaring*

Randy- Zephel...

Zephel- It took you long enough.

Zephel- ... Thanks for the help.

Rosa- Oh, Zephel-sama, wait!

Zephel- Don't have any weird worries. I'm going to fix it right away and fly it.


Randy- ... He ran away again.


Randy- Angelique, what about you?
Do you have some business with Zephel too

Ange- No.

Ange- I was looking for you, Randy-sama. I'm glad to see you!

Randy- Me?

Ange- Yes, I request cultivation!

This is the Flying City.
A research facility where the Queen Examination is being conducted.

From here, we build up the continent on the surface of the planet.
Borrowing the power of the nine Guardians.

[Twenty-ninth Chapter/End]


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