Volume 9: Rondo of Fire and Love

The Thirtieth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

The duty of the Guardians is none other than to help the Queen safely execute the motions of the

During the Queen Examination, they have to perform that duty while being stationed in the Flying
City. That life, as it is, is very busy.

So occasionally, things like this happen...

Randy- I'm sorry, Angelique!


Ange- Randy-sama, what's the matter all of a sudden?

Randy- Actually, by Her Majesty's summons, after this, I have to go back to the Sanctuary.
It seems there was a bit of trouble in a certain star system and it will take a bit of a long

Ange- Is our date on Sunday spoiled?

Randy- Y, yeah. Though there haven't been such urgent orders until now.

Ange- I've been wanting to consult the people of Elysion, but
it can't be helped that you're on Her Majesty's business.

Randy- Yeah, I'm concerned about this forecast of desires too.

Randy- If something happens, if you tell the usher, he'll communicate it to me.
*If you notice something, tell me whatever it is.*

Ange- Come to think of it, recently, the Guardians seem to be absent a lot.

Randy- Yeah, the Guardians' recalls to the Sanctuary certainly are becoming frequent.
Our having to go to distant planets from the Main Planet has also increased.

Randy- It's a bit strange.

Randy- Her Majesty's power that I sense is flowing powerfully.
I thought a Queen Examination to decide the next Queen might not be necessary, but.

Perhaps there might be a greater reason.

Ange- Randy-sama?

Randy- Oh, sorry. I said something weird.


Randy- I'm kind of doing nothing but apologizing.

Ange- Please don't worry about it, Randy-sama. It's a shame, but
please take care and go on.

Randy- I'll absolutely make it up to you the next day off! Absolutely.

Randy- Um... there's a place I'd like to go together.

Ange- Yes.

Randy- Bye.



Ange- *yawn*


Ange- I'm kind of
really disappointed.

On Saturday, I check the desires of the people of the continent, and on Sunday, I consult with
Randy about cultivation.

Recently, before I knew it, it had become like a habit.

The gaping void in my plans is kind of desolate.

Randy-sama, with a similar standpoint, thinks his hardest, so
it's really fun and it makes me enthusiastic.

Ange- No, no, I have to concentrate on this week's cultivation!

*smack smack*

Ange- Sunday, I'll study alone.
*Sorry, everyone of Elysion.*

Ange- ... I think I'll go to bed now.
*I think I will.*

Oscar- Hey, missy.

Rosa- Oscar-sama.

Oscar- Did something good happen? You're smiling.

Rosa- How many times do I have to tell you? Please stop calling me missy!

Oscar- Well then, princess, what is it that you're holding against your chest so preciously?
*Your eyes are sparkling.*

Oscar- If it's a present for someone other than me, I'll have to have a duel with them.

Rosa- You always do nothing but joke!

Rosa- I'm in a hurry, so excuse me.

Oscar- Hey, missy.

Olivie- You were evaded splendidly, lady-killer.
Even the two Queen Candidate misses are completely used to it now.

Olivie- I'll give you some advice.
If you always just speak so frivolously, you won't be believed at the critical moment.

Oscar- Mind your own business.

Oscar- Besides, I don't speak frivolously. I'm always sincere with women.

Lumiale- Really?

Lumiale- The question is whether that sincerity of yours is conveyed to other people.

Olivie- Lumiale.

Lumiale- To convey real sincerity, you should have considered your companion's heart too a
little more, shouldn't you?

Lumiale- If not, then
even if you come across a "woman you want to steal away even if it destroys the cosmos", she
won't understand your heart.

Oscar- ... What?

Lumiale- When I think about it, "even if it destroys the cosmos"... for a Guardian, I can say
it's a rather dangerous thought.
I think it's just like you, but... after all, it seems to be something I can't understand.

Lumiale- Excuse me.

Oscar- Lumiale!

Olivie- Did his character change a little?
*He said something amazing in passing.*

Oscar- I knew my compatibility with him is bad!!

Olivie- By the way, what did he mean by "even if it destroys the cosmos"?
*stifled laugh*

Oscar- ......

*opening door*



Lumiale- ?



Zephel- Hey.

Lumiale- Zephel.

Lumiale- That harp.

Zephel- Yeah, it was a bit broken, so I fixed it.

Zephel- I got caught up in the remodeling and it's gotten just a bit heavier though...


Lumiale- Thank you, Zephel.

Robot- OH.

Zephel- ... Well, it's no problem.


*It seems the shape is a little different too...*
Lumiale- Oh? What's this cord?

Zephel- Oh, it connects to this amp.
If there's something you don't understand, ask me.

Zephel- Use this and have a try at songs with a bang, not just boring songs.
*This is the manual.*

Lumiale- Ah...

Zephel- See you. If you make a new song, let me hear it.

Lumiale- Yes.

Lumiale- That Zephel has done me such a kindness...
it makes me so happy...

Lumiale- I wonder just what kind of sound it will make?
I look forward to it.
I'll have Clavis-sama hear it right away.

Luva- Oh?

Luva- Just now, it seems I heard some terrible noise.
Was it my imagination... do you think?

Luva- Oh, I'm sorry, Rosalia. You were in the middle of talking.
Ah, but this is very unusual.

Luva- These are confections which are a tradition handed down from long ago on some remote
*Ah, how fragrant.*

Rosa- A certain company started a system all over the cosmos of direct delivery from producers.

Nurse- *My word-of-mouth.*

Rosa- I thought it might be to your taste...

Luva- Ah, I accidentally missed that new information.
Thank you, Rosalia.

Rosa- Um... I met Oscar-sama a little while ago...

Rosa- He said "if it's a present for someone other than me, I'll have to have a duel with them".

Luva- Ah, does Oscar like these rice crackers that much too?

Rosa- Oscar-sama always seems to be interested in romance, and
sometimes I end up thinking about it too.

Luva- ... About romance?

Rosa- Do you think that it's imprudent for a Queen Candidate to think about such things?

Luva- ... No, it's not.
People are things that inevitably meet and become attracted.
Time and place and each other's position don't matter... right?
It can't be stopped.

Rosa- Luva-sama...?

Rosa- Have you felt such feelings too?

Luva- Eh...

Zephel- Hey, Luva.



Luva- Zephel, why are you coming in from the window!?


Zephel- Hide me for a little while.

Zephel- That Lumiale played the electric harp with the volume all the way up!!
And particularly in Clavis' room. *It sucks.*
Which means Julious found out!!

Banner- *Pure and simple* Reference picture.

Luva- Zephel.


Luva- Ah, it seems the tea is made. Let's have the rice crackers Rosalia brought.

Zephel- Wow, these are pretty good.



Zephel- Oh, what are you doing?

Rosa- Luva-sama's portion is disappearing.
I brought it for Luva-sama to eat. Please restrain yourself a little.

Zephel- Don't be stingy. Despite being a young lady.


Rosa- They have nothing to do with each other.

Zephel- You sure are tight-assed. Even though you're aiming to be the future Queen.

Rosa- *Wha* How can you say such a vulgar thing!?
To a lady! And during a meal.

Rosa- Luva-sama, let's hurry up and hand him over to Julious-sama!!

Zephel- In that case, Luva is equally guilty for negligent supervision.

Luva- *What are you saying.* N... now, now.

Luva- Let's drink our tea and calm down.
Be friendly.


Oscar- Sorry to keep you waiting, missy.

Ange- No.
Are Clavis-sama and Lumiale-sama alright?

Oscar- Well, they'll be alright. They'll suffer ringing ears for a while, but
Honestly, Zephel sows the seeds of problems one after another.

Oscar- ... Well, missy, is there something I can do for you?

Ange- Yes! I request cultivation for Elysion.

Oscar- Understood.
I'll send the strength of Fire to Elysion.

Oscar- By the way, missy.

Oscar- Why don't we have a little more pleasant chat occasionally?

Oscar- Or are you avoiding me?

Ange- ... But, Oscar-sama, you always say things to tease girls,
you don't speak seriously, do you?

Oscar- That's not true...

You always do nothing but joke.

Oscar- I certainly can't talk to you while you're strengthening your guard.

*Fixed distance*


Oscar- Okay, I understand. I won't tease you anymore.

Oscar- I'll have you see first that I'm a sincere man.

Ange- ?

Oscar- Do you have plans for next Sunday?
I wonder if you have free time.

Ange- Eh... yes.

Ange- I guess I'll study,
since my date with Randy-sama has disappeared.


Oscar- Missy, studying is important, but, as the future Queen, it's also important to
understand a Guardian's true nature.

Oscar- Won't you try having a date with me next Sunday?
Of course, appropriately for you, it'll be an innocent date.


Oscar- The beginner level course is as you wish.
How about it?

[Thirtieth Chapter/End]


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