Volume 9: Rondo of Fire and Love

The Thirty-first Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

All women are a source of vitality to me. If they are spirited and cheerful, I am content.

So if they cry, I want to comfort them. If they brood enough to forget their smile, I want to
relieve that heart.

Is that unfaithfulness?

Marcel- Oh, Oscar-sama, good morning!

Oscar- Marcel, what's up? Why are you dressed like that?

Marcel- Julious-sama is teaching me horseback riding.

Oscar- Julious-sama is?

Julious- He never learned formally.

Oscar- You can ride a horse, Marcel?

Marcel- Sort of...

Marcel- Since my family ran a farm, there were lots of horses.
When I was little it was so sad hitting a horse with a whip and putting on a bit so I didn't like
horseback riding.

Marcel- But now I know that, riding properly, communicating the rider's will is a good thing.
That way the horse's ability is drawn out.
*Pleased to meet you.*

Julious- That's right, you can sympathize with the feelings of animals.
In accord with the horse, you'll be able to become a good rider.

Marcel- Yes, I'll do my best!

Marcel- I want to see Souleiado soon.

Oscar- Souleiado?

Julious- It's the foal born in Arcadia.

Julious- If their compatibility is good, I think I'll give it to Marcel.
*Hmm, he has pretty good talent.*

Oscar- The foal from Arcadia, to Marcel!?

Julious- Don't shout, you'll startle the horses.

Oscar- I'm sorry. I was surprised. ... Since I have yet to be given even one.

Julious- You have many horses, don't you?
*Or did you want a stallion?*

*That's not what I meant....*
Oscar- Yes...

Ange- Why did I OK it?

Let's go on a date, missy.

Ange- But... I don't hate Oscar-sama.

His teasing at first was on purpose to stir up my competitive spirit...
I know that now...

Ange- But that attitude towards women is also genuine...



Ange- It's not like I have any particular feelings.
I can't be strangely shunning a Guardian!!

Ange- That's right, I'm a Queen Candidate!!
... Though I'm choosing clothes perfectly seriously.

*lined up*

Ange- ... Somehow, maybe they're all childish after all.
Maybe I'll be teased again?

*ribbons and frills*

Could I borrow a dress and high heels from Rosalia?

Ange- ......


Ange- No good. ... It wouldn't fit me.


Ange- Look at the time!


Ange -I'm going to be late!

Ange- Oscar-sama.


Oscar- Hey, missy.

Ange- I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Oscar- Don't worry about it. I was looking forward to how you would make your appearance.

Oscar- Your clothes other than your uniform are cute too.
It's so like you and it suits you well.

Ange- *I tried simple clothes.*

Ange- Oscar-sama is completely different than usual.
*And he doesn't have his cape.*

Oscar- Ah, you don't like being called "missy", do you?

Oscar- Then, Angelique?


Ange- No, it's alright. Missy is fine!!
The same as usual.

Oscar- That's right.

Oscar- Well then, shall we go, missy?

Oscar- First, it's the beginner's course park date.

Ange- The cafe terrace...

Oscar- You ran all out and you must be thirsty, right?

Waitress- Oscar-sama, are you on a daytime park date?

Waitress- Welcome. Today you're with a lovely young lady.

Oscar- Is that strange?

Waitress- No, it suits you.

Waitress- Enjoy.


Ange- ... Oscar-sama, is she a "friend" of yours?


Oscar- Hey, don't look at me like that.

Oscar- The cappuccinos here are the best.
Come to think of it, I don't use them much on dates.

Oscar- Because if you aren't careful of the way you drink it,

Oscar- It ends up making a white moustache like this.

Ange- Oh, Oscar-sama.


Oscar- I don't show my face like this to other ladies.
*It's special.*

Oscar- You finally laughed, missy.
That's better.
I'm having fun too.

Oscar-sama is strange.
I'm nervous, but a little... relieved.

Ange- Oscar-sama, don't you have a specific girlfriend?

Oscar- Women are all attractive. I can't decide on one.

Oscar- ... Maybe I'm looking for the one woman of my destiny. There are times I think so.

Woman of his destiny...?

Ange- Is that...

Ange- Perhaps Her Majesty?

Oscar- Her Majesty...?
Her Majesty is a splendid being like no other in the cosmos.
Unfortunately, I have never met her.
But still, as a Guardian, and above all as a knight, she is a woman I love and respect from the
bottom of my heart.

Oscar- Not just me, I think all of the Guardians feel that way.

Her Majesty...

Her Majesty is a wonderful person, after all.
I've ended up feeling... a little envious of Her Majesty.

Oscar- Now, you here before me may perhaps become Queen. It feels a little strange thinking

Oscar- Anyway, missy, where were you running from?

Ange- Huh?

Oscar- You have a tree leaf stuck in your curls.


Woman1- Oscar-sama touched that girl's hair.


Woman2- He touched her hair.

*Oh no!*

Woman3- He touched it.

Oscar- ......


Ange- ... Is it always like this?

Oscar- W... well.
*That's why I don't go on very many daytime park dates.*

Oscar- They won't calm down after all, will they...?


Woman- They're drawing close.

Oscar- ......

*Kyaa! Kyaa!*

Oscar- Shall we go, missy?

Ange- It's too late for sunglasses now...




Oscar- Run, missy.


Waitress- *Oh my.*


Woman1- Is he here?

Woman2- I lost sight of him.

Woman3- Ahh, Oscar-sama, where did you go!?

Oscar- Oh boy, this has turned into a terrible date.

Oscar- What's the matter, missy?

Ange- It's gotten kind of funny.

Ange- Oscar-sama, are you always doing things like this on dates?

Ange- It's not very cool.

Oscar- It's not that funny.

Woman- There was a voice over here!

Oscar- Get down, missy.

Ange- Kya!


*heart pounding*

Oscar- Until they settle down, shall we talk here?

*heart pounding*

Ange- ... Yes.

Oscar- I've had dates with those I call "missy",
but to be honest, it's been a long time since I've had such an innocent date.


Oscar- "Talking in the park" seems like a date Randy would have.

Oscar- You've been always going on this kind of date with him, haven't you?

Ange- Date?

Ange- They're not dates or anything like that.
Randy-sama gives me advice about things like cultivation...

Ange- *I said something weird after all.*

Oscar- Missy...

Oscar- I feel sorry for Randy.

Oscar- Though I think that's completely what he intended.

Ange- Huh?

Oscar- He's pretty interested in you.


Oscar- I have a younger brother and younger sister.
We were close siblings.

Ange- *Um... uh...*

Oscar- But I'll never see them again.

Oscar- Honestly, there are times I think of Randy as that younger brother.

Man- Guardian.

Randy- I'm coming.

Oscar- Shall we go now, missy?
We have to get back before it gets dark.

Oscar- Have this in memory of today.

Oscar- When you're a little older, let's go on another date.

Oscar- Then, let me escort you on a little more adult course.

Ange- Oscar-sama, thank you for today.

Oscar- Same here, it was fun.

Oscar- Did you understand me a little?

Ange- ... Yes.

I feel I understand Oscar-sama just a little.

*knock knock*

Maid- Angelique-san.
Randy-sama is here.

Ange- Randy-sama?

Randy- Angelique!

Ange- Randy-sama, welcome back.

Randy- I'm really sorry about today.


Ange- Huh...

Oh no, my face has ended up turning red.

*heart pounding*

It's because of that thing Oscar-sama said!!

He's pretty interested in you.

Randy- Angelique? What's the matter, your face is red.

Ange- No!

Randy- Oh, sorry.

Randy- What is it?

Randy- Angelique.

Ange- I'm sorry, Randy-sama. Good night!


Randy- Huh?

Oscar-sama, you idiot!

[Thirty-first Chapter/End]


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