Volume 9: Rondo of Fire and Love

The Thirty-second Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Light and dark intersect, and
the storm clouds clear,
filling the heavens with light.

Sara- The twinkling stars are increasing their brilliance and speaking of fate.

Sara- ... The stars have begun to move.


Sara- Now, it seems it's my turn.

Sara- I am the fortune-teller Sara of the Fire Dragon clan.
My readings never miss!
Whatever troubles you have, I'll get rid of them.
Well, kitten perplexed by love, come see me.

Ange- Well then, cultivation please, Randy-sama.

Randy- Yeah, I'll send the courage Wind presides over to Elysion.


Ange- ............

Randy- Uh... um, Angelique.

Ange- Well, excuse me, Randy-sama.


Randy- Oh...


Randy- I have the feeling she's been avoiding me since that Sunday.

Randy- Did I do something to make her angry?

Randy- Ughn... I kind of can't accept it.
*I'm so bad at this kind of thing.*

Randy- *I'll go outside for a change of pace or something.*

Marcel- Oh, Randy.

Randy- Marcel.

Marcel- Listen!
It's really serious!!

Marcel- This last Sunday,
Oscar-sama met with Angelique!!

Randy- What did you say!?

Randy- ... But Marcel, isn't it alright to meet with someone on Sunday?

Marcel- Grr, you don't understand, Randy!

Marcel- The problem is she was with Oscar-sama.
Oscar-sama really likes women and when he's serious, it's "target lock-on all green" and
he absolutely doesn't miss the mark, I heard.


Marcel- Even Little Red Riding Hood was tricked by the Big Bad Wolf and got eaten.

*Hey missy, you're cute today.*

*Oh, no.*

Marcel- Randy, do you want that to happen to Ange?
Don't you think this is serious?

Randy- Couldn't it be that Oscar-sama may not be serious?

Marcel- I can't say he's not serious.


Marcel- When you get right down to it, it's your fault for canceling your date with Ange,
isn't it?
Take responsibility and set the record straight!!

Randy- What's that!?

Randy- At times like that, Marcel wouldn't listen if I told him.

Randy- Oscar-sama.
*Are you here?*

Oscar- Hey, Randy.

Oscar- Are you on duty? What can I do for you?

Randy- Um...

Randy- Oscar-sama, I heard you went on a date with Angelique on Sunday.
Is it true?


Oscar- Yeah, on Sunday we went on a date at the park.
Her previous plans were suddenly canceled and the missy seemed lonely.

Oscar- Come to think of it, it was a date with you.

Oscar- Maybe that was wrong?

Randy- No... but weren't you always treating Angelique like a child?
Why suddenly go on a date?

Oscar- The missy is plenty attractive.

Oscar- The way she looked was cute, shy and blushing in my arms.

Ange- *It's a lie!*

Randy- Oscar-sama?


Oscar- It's because you were slow.

Oscar- Though you have affection for a girl, you can't communicate it well.

Randy- Uwa!

Oscar- You can't complain if she's snatched by an adult man appearing from the flanks.
That's why you're called a boy!

*eyes snapping open*

Oscar- Oh.


Randy- Please let go!

Randy- I understand!


Randy- I won't hand Angelique over to you.
Because I absolutely won't lose to you!

Randy- Excuse me!


Oscar- Hey, Randy.


Oscar- ... Did I tease him a little too much?

Ange- Absolutely, he thinks I'm strange......

How did I end up being so interested in Randy-sama!?

Ange- To top it off, I've ended up taking that attitude with Randy-sama.


Ange- It's not like he's confessed to me.
Maybe it's one of Oscar-sama's usual jokes.
Randy-sama is a Guardian,
and I'm a Queen Candidate.
Um, umm...

Ange- Uh...

Ange- ...... Maybe I'll go see the condition of Elysion...
*I think I will.*

Ange- Oh, Rosalia.

Rosa- How about you talk to yourself more quietly?

Ange- Huh?

Pastha- Queen Candidate.

Ange- Oh...

Pastha- Using the Wandering Star Disk while your spirit is in an unstable condition is dangerous.
As the person responsible, I can't permit an inspection of the planet this time.

Pastha- You should try visiting the Fortune-Telling Hall.
Sara should give you good advice.
*Doing this I'm also forming a partnership.*

Ange- Yes, Pastha-san.

Pastha of the Water Dragon clan manages the continent growth data at the Royal Research Institute
and supports the Queen Examination.
His lover, Sara of the Fire Dragon clan, is in charge of the mental care of the Queen Candidates
during the examination at the Fortune-Telling Hall.

Dia-sama's One-point Lecture

Ange- By the way, why you too, Rosalia?

Rosa- It's not your concern.

Ange- Hello.

Sara- The servants of the goddess of love,
clad in sparkling particles of light,
are little butterflies (read psyches) capriciously frolicking.


Sara- Welcome.
I knew you were coming.

Sara- It seems the golden-haired Queen Candidate has troubles.


Sara- And the blue-eyed Queen Candidate too.

Rosalia too?

Rosa- I... have a question?
I wonder if you would answer it?

Sara- Please.

Rosa- Queen Candidates shouldn't fall in love, should they?


Rosa- I received an education proper for being a Queen Candidate since I was young,
but there wasn't a person to teach me that.

Sara- For a Queen Candidate who will become the next generation of the Queen who presides over
the cosmos, falling in love is outrageous!

Sara- If I told you that, would you accept it?

Sara- Even if your reason accepts it, what about your heart,
intellectual young lady?

Sara- From the time you spoke that question, you are taking a step toward love.


Sara- I think the answer has already come out, don't you?

Sara- Think about the rest yourself, Rosalia.

Sara- Well then, Angelique, what's your trouble?

Ange- Uh... um.

Ange- It's about personal relations in the Queen Examination...?


Ange- I'm avoiding a certain person even though I don't hate them,
and when I meet them, even though I want to be normal, I end up kind of anxious.
Even though I want to speak with them like I have up until now, it doesn't go right.

*This girl.*

Sara- Angelique.

Sara- First, while facing your own feelings calmly,
think of the other person.

*Here, I'll add this optional relaxation kit.*

Sara- Take deep breaths and start from there.
After that, talk.


Sara- Well then, Queen Candidates,
Today I'm going to do you a special service, so look forward to it, okay?

*infectious smile*

Ange- Yes?

Zephel- Why it's Angelique and Rosalia.

Zephel- What were they doing at the Fortune-Telling Hall...

Pastha- Sara.
The Queen Candidates should have come to visit you.

Pastha- !?


Sara- Pastha, don't interrupt.

Pastha- What are you doing?

Sara- I'm casting a love spell on the Queen Candidate.

Pastha- Were you asked by the Queen Candidate?

Sara- No... but she should realize her real feelings soon...
so I'm doing a little bit with my power.

Pastha- Stop arbitrarily getting ahead of yourself, Sara!

Sara- Pastha.

Pastha- Special intervention in the course of love should be avoided.
Except when the person desires it.

Pastha- Much more, since those girls are Queen Candidates,
who are fated to become the next Queen.

Sara- Fated...
How can you say that?

Sara- So those girls are bound by fate and can't even love?
There's enough of that with just us in the past.


Pastha- Sara...

Sara- Besides, it's too late.

Sara- My Love Love Flash is already in effect!!


Sara- In the twinkling of an eye, love will flutter down upon the Queen Candidates!

She's got to be joking!!

Randy- I ended up declaring that, but
beating Oscar-sama when it comes to girls may be too much of a challenge for me.

But I absolutely don't want to lose!!

Randy- Anyway, I'll see Angelique and tell her my feelings!
Then this time we'll go on an official date.


Zephel- Out of the way, out of the way!


Randy- Uwa!

Zephel- Don't be walking absent-mindedly here!

Randy- Zephel!? Wait!



Randy- Did you do something again?
*On the run?*

*Let go.*
Zephel- Shut up.

Zephel- Sara from the Fortune-telling Hall cast a "love spell" on a Queen Candidate!


Zephel- Arbitrarily using a Love Love Flash, what a terrible woman.
*That huge woman....*


Zephel- *Ugh.*

*Weak point.*

Randy- By Love Love Flash, do you mean the spell that raises mutual affection?
By Queen Candidate, do you mean Angelique or Rosalia?
Who's the other person?

Zephel- I don't know. I'm going to find that out now.
*Which means I'm going to build a mecha that finds out compatibility.*

Zephel- It might be me,
or it might be you.

Or one of the other Guardians!?

Ange- Take deep breaths
and calmly
face my own feelings...

The time I spent with Randy-sama was really fun.

Among the Guardians who were a little unapproachable, he was easy to talk to and I was relieved.
He always gave me encouragement.
He made me cheerful.

What if things continued like this?
Never being able to talk to Randy-sama naturally...

*springing up*

Ange- I don't want that!
I absolutely don't.

Ange- I like being with Randy-sama.

Do I...

*heart pounding*

I have to see him and confirm it!
My feelings and Randy-sama's feelings...!!

Ange- Hello, Randy-sama.

Randy- Angelique...
H... hey...

Randy- Um... you... something's changed since yesterday...

Randy- Oh, no, it's alright!
Do you have a request for cultivation today?

Ange- No, I don't want cultivation today...
Um... Randy-sama.

Ange- Will you go on a date with me this Sunday?


... Me!?

*heart pounding*

Ange- *I proposed it.*

Angelique, you...

[Thirty-second Chapter/End]


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