Volume 9: Rondo of Fire and Love

The Thirty-third Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

I don't like it,
being carried away by love and romance.

I absolutely don't believe in fortune-telling and spells.

If relationships with other people were so clear cut, I wouldn't go through this trouble.

People are a pain.

If this were a programmed machine,
as long as there were blueprints, I could put together anything.

Zephel- Luva, are you here?

Luva- Yes?

Luva- Ah, Zephel, it's unusual, you coming to the library.

Zephel- Luva, about you,

Zephel- Since yesterday, have you had any strange emotional excitement, or not being able to
sleep... or else violent palpitations, that kind of thing?

Luva- Huh?

Luva- Come on, I'm not old enough to be having such worries yet.
*Oh, come on.*

Zephel- No! It's not that.

Zephel- Um...

Luva- Oh? What's that thing you're holding?

Zephel- !

Zephel- It's...

Rosa- Luva-sama.

Rosa- Hello. I came to return the book you recommended to me yesterday.

Luva- Ah, hello Rosalia.

Luva- Ah, you didn't have to read it in such a hurry!

Rosa- No. It was very interesting so I finished reading it in no time.

Luva- Really? There's a continuation to it too, it's also interesting.

Luva- Ah, please wait a minute, okay?

Rosa- Yes.

Zephel- Hey.

Rosa- Hello, Zephel-sama.

Zephel- ... You've gone to the Fortune-telling Hall, haven't you.

Rosa- What about it?

Zephel- Fortune-telling and spells are unrealistic child's play.
It's the spice in a game of love.

Rosa- What are you trying to say?

Zephel- You're going to become Queen, aren't you?
You rarely get discouraged, and I was thinking that you have a lot of backbone for a girl.

Zephel- That you might become a good Queen...

Zephel- Despite that.

Rosalia- Zephel-sama.

Zephel- Ah geez, whatever, it's so annoying.

Zephel- Sorry to have bothered you.

Luva- Oh? Did Zephel end up leaving?



I won't have my emotions controlled by a spell!

Zephel- Building something like this...
was stupid.



Ange- I came a little early.

I often meet Randy-sama at the park, but
I'm excited at the thought of the two of us alone on a "date".


Randy- Angelique.


Randy- Did I keep you waiting?


Ange- No, I came early.

Randy- Um... For now, shall we walk?

Ange- Yes.

Randy- Angelique.

Ange- Yes?

Randy- Y... your continent.

Ange- Yes?

Randy- What's the population?

Ange- Huh!?
*You're doing that?*


Randy- Wah, you.


Randy- Did your owner leave you behind again?

Boy1- Oh, it's Randy-sama.

Boy- And the Queen Candidate girl.

Boy- I get it, it's a date!!


Boy1- It's a date. It's a date.

Boy1- A date at the park!

Randy- Will you stop it!!

Boy2- Kissing in the shade of the trees.

Boys- *Date, date.*

Randy- *Hey!*


Girl- Miss.

Ange- What?

Girl- An amusement park arrived today.
*Over there.*

An amusement park?

Randy- It's a traveling carnival.

Ange- Uwaa!

Ange- It's like a festival.

Randy- *Here, form a line!*

Randy- It kind of always ends up this way.

Ange- It's okay that it's lively, isn't it?

Ange- Everyone really likes you, Randy-sama.

Ange- I... I like you too, Randy-sama.
*What am I saying...*


You look like you're having fun, but
I'm sure you invited me on a date under the effect of the spell.

Even though those feeling are an illusion,
Despite that, I...

Ange- Randy-sama? What's the matter?

Ange- You don't seem cheerful.

Randy- It's nothing like that.

Her Majesty.

Randy- Angelique.
I'm proud that I can serve Her Majesty as a Guardian.

Randy- Her Majesty is the supreme woman I love and respect more than anyone.

Ange- Yes.

Her Majesty...
As Her Majesty's Guardian, I...

Randy- There's... something I have to tell you.

Randy- Do you know about the spells at the Fortune-telling Hall?

Ange- Yes.

Ange- It raises the affinity of people who want to be friends.
When it's the strongest spell, it also has the effect of love...

Ange- Bind the hearts of someone and someone!! Love Love Flash!!

Ange- What am I saying!

Randy- ... It seems Sara-san cast that on you.


Randy- You probably decided to go on a date with me under the effect of the Love Love Flash.

Randy- If that's the case, I think those aren't your real feelings.
Not knowing, I'm sure you would get hurt later.

I'll do a special spell as a service.

Ange- ... No way.

Randy- I... knew that but agreed to the invitation for a date.
Because I wanted to go on a date with you.

Randy- But after all, this isn't fair!

Ange- Randy-sama...

Randy- I... heard you went on a date with Oscar-sama.

Randy- I was thinking I absolutely didn't want to lose to Oscar-sama.


Randy- I was annoyed at always being treated like a child.
I intended to show Oscar-sama I went on a date I could boast about.

Oscar-sama... why?
A Love Love Flash...

Randy- So I...
took advantage of the illusion of your Love Love Flash.


Ange- Then, Randy-sama,
you agreed to the date because you didn't want to lose to Oscar-sama?

Randy- Angelique.

Ange- I don't know about the Love Love Flash!
I asked for a date because I was thinking I liked you.
And yet,
you meant it to be a contest with Oscar-sama.

Randy- I didn't mean it...

Ange- I'm not a medal or trophy.

Randy- No! I never thought of you that way.

Ange- No, let go!



... You're right.

Before I knew it, I was aware of the contest with Oscar-sama.

... This sucks!

Ange- I'm so confused.

Ange- I thought I liked Randy-sama.
Was it all because of the Love Love Flash?

My heart was fluttering so much,
and I got excited on my own,
I wonder if I just got carried away by the romantic mood...

Randy-sama agreed to the date because he didn't want to lose to Oscar-sama.

*tears welling*

Ange- Oh no, geez.
Why am I crying.

It wasn't really because he liked me.

Why is it so painful?
Is it all because of the Love Love Flash?


Ange- Kya!


Ange- Huh?


Ange- Doggie.


Ange- Ah.
You're tickling me.
Hey, stop.

Ange- If you don't cut it out, I'll do a rib attack.


Dog- *excited bark*


Randy- Angelique.

Randy- I found you.


Randy- Angelique.

Randy- Tomorrow, let's go to the Fortune-telling Hall together!
And have the spell canceled.

Randy- The Love Love Flash has nothing to do with it!
Because my feelings won't change.

Randy- I don't want to lose to Oscar-sama because I like you.
I like you, Ange.


Pastha- Sara, about that spell.

Sara- Don't say it, Pastha.

Sara- ... That Love Love Flash was ineffective.

Sara- It's not because you interrupted.
I didn't cast it.

Sara- And yet you got angry without giving me a chance to explain, so unintentionally,
I stubbornly ended up lying.
*I'm sorry.*

Pastha- *It's alright.*

Sara- ... A long time ago I tried to cast a similar spell.

Sara- Though I had come to like you, I thought I didn't attract your interest.

The Fire Dragon Clan and Water Dragon Clan are enemies.

This love is unrequited.

Conflicting fates...

Sara- But I couldn't do it.

Even if I took a shortcut with mysterious magic,

Sara- So now I can tell everyone without shame that I love you.

That can't be called the achievement of real love.

Pastha- How silly.

Pastha- I loved you since long before you noticed me.

Pastha- I'm glad if you just look and smile at me.


[Thirty-third Chapter/End]


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