Volume 10: Episode of White Light

The Thirty-fourth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

The land I have been cultivating, Elysion.


Towards those peaks...

When the people of the continent have cleared a path to the "center island",
The examination will be over.

I went with Randy-sama to the Fortune-telling Hall,

Sara- *I'm sorry.*

And a different wind than up till now began to blow.

Ange- I request cultivation, Randy-sama!

Randy- Alright! I'll send my power to Elysion.

Randy- Angelique, do you have plans to do anything after this today?

Ange- Yes. I think I'll go to the Royal Research Institute and see Elysion's cultivation.

Randy- Then later I'll go to the Royal Research Institute too.
Won't you go wait for me somewhere?

Ange- Yes!

Ange- Well then, Randy-sama, see you later.

Randy- Yeah.

Randy- Do your best on the cultivation, Angelique!

Ange- Yes, Randy-sama!

This is the Flying City.
I met the Guardians, who, up until a little while ago, I thought were inhabitants of a world in
a myth or story.

And the Guardian of Wind, Randy-sama...

Papa and Mama,
my friends at school,
everyone would be surprised.

Ange- Papa, Mama.
This is the Guardian of Wind, Randy-sama. He's my "boyfriend".

Randy- Pleased to meet you.

Ange- What an introduction.
*Oh no.*



*looking around*

Ange- No, Angelique! You can't have such frivolous feelings in the middle of the Queen


For Her Majesty who chose me as a Queen Candidate,
And for Randy-sama.

Ange- Alright, I'll do my best on the Queen Examination!!
Hold on, Elysion!

Rosa- You're very self-confident, aren't you?

Ange- Rosalia!

Rosa- Since last Sunday, you're strangely cheerful.

Rosa- Did something happen?


Ange- N... nothing.

Rosa- I see...
Very well, it's not my concern.

Rosa- Be careful you don't get too carried away and make a blunder.


Rosa- ......... What are you doing? You're going to the Royal Research Institute, aren't you?
I'm going on ahead.

Ange- Oh, yeah.
I'm coming with you!

*Rosalia is kind of scary.*

Ange- Rosalia.


Rosa- What are you being so foolish about?
*It's cramped. Sit in that seat.*

The Flying Star Disk device.
Our spirits fly from here to the continent.
We can see the condition of the continent as if we were in that place.

Pastha- Well then, Angelique, this way.

Ange- Yes.



It's alright...
It looks like my Elysion has no problems.

Ange- Remembering the hardships at the beginning, it seems like a dream.

*ding dong*

I'll leave now.
I'll be back, Elysion.

Randy- Angelique.

Ange- Randy-sama.

Pastha- ......

Rosalia- Pastha-san, the Flying Star Disk.

Pastha- ... Excuse me, Rosalia, this way.

Ange- And you know, Charlotte-san.

Ange- Today, after I checked the cultivation, I even went to a cliff at the edge of the Flying
City with Randy-sama.
Below is visible just a bit.

Ange- *The place is a secret.*

Ange- The clouds quickly floated by and it was a little scary, but it was fun.
*I was excited.*

Charlotte- You're good friends, aren't you?

Ange- Hey, I'm happy I was chosen by Her Majesty as a candidate for the next Queen.
I was suddenly summoned to the Sanctuary and came to this Flying City,
and the examination of cultivating the continent began...

Ange- But sometimes I end up thinking, what will happen when the examination ends,
or if Rosalia becomes Queen?

Ange- Will I end up going home as an ex-Queen Candidate?
At that time saying farewell to Rosalia, and the Guardians, and you, Charlotte-san...


I won't see Randy-sama again either!!

Ange- That's too sad.


Charlotte- Angelique-san, calm down.

Charlotte- Angelique-san, you've been doing your best on the examination in order to become Queen,
haven't you?

Ange- Y... yeah, that's right.
That's right.

If I'm chosen as Queen...

Ange- Charlotte-san, do you know in what manner Her Majesty lives in the Sanctuary?

In a palace in the Sanctuary on the main planet at the center of the cosmos.

Ange- To me, it's something in a far off world, so I can't imagine it as reality.

Ange- Although I know the Guardians' lives aren't so different from ours...

Charlotte- Well, I don't know.
I'm only a caretaker.

Charlotte- Besides, I'm not fit to come near even the Guardians in the Sanctuary.
I tremble just seeing them in the Flying City.

Charlotte- Only, to the people of the Sanctuary, the election of the next Queen is hope.
Everyone is looking forward to the birth of a new Queen.

Charlotte- I'm proud too that I can take care of the Queen Candidates.
Please do your best.

Ange- Charlotte-san.

Charlotte- Good night.

*shutting door*

... Maybe the people of the Sanctuary are uneasy.

Sara-san said falling in love isn't wrong,
But the people of the Sanctuary...

Ange- ......

What about Her Majesty?
What does Her Majesty think?

Maid- So, you know, it seems the Guardian of Wind, Randy-sama, and the Queen Candidate,
Angelique-san, are recently often meeting alone.

Maid2- I often come across then having fun at the park, don't you think they seem to be
good friends?
It's becoming a bit of a rumor now.

Maid3- It seems everything has the seal of approval of Sara-san from the Fortune-telling Hall.

Maid3- "Love between a Guardian and a Queen Candidate" sounds romantic...


Maid- Have you tried sounding out Charlotte?

*It's the ABCs of a maid.*

Maid3- That girl is tight lipped.

Maid- But,

Maid- Now that I think about it, I wonder if that's alright?

Maid3- Why?

Maid- It's...

Marcel- Hello.

Maids- Marcel-sama!

*popping up*

Marcel- May I interrupt?

Maid- What can we do for you?

Maid3- If you had summoned us, we would have come right away.

Marcel- Can't I come without having business?
I like seeing where everyone works.

Marcel- It reminds me of my mother and older sister.

*moved to tears...*

Maid- Marcel-sama.

Marcel- Besides, just now you were excited, what were you talking about?

Maid- Nothing.

Maid3- I'm sure it would be a boring conversation to you.

Marcel- Really?

How strange...

Olivie- Have you heard?
*Fufufu. I'm like Narcissus.*

Oscar- Randy and Angelique?

Olivie- Well... it's a combination that it seems can't be kept secret.

Oscar- Yes. It's seems it's becoming quite a rumor.

Lumiale- Since the Flying City is a fairly closed off space,
it seems it's easy for this kind of rumor to spread.

Oscar- Lumiale.

Olivie- I'm surprised it's reached even your ears...
What about Clavis?

Lumiale- Who knows... I couldn't guess.

Olivie- If this were Oscar, it wouldn't become such a big topic.

Lumiale- Yes, since it's normal.
*It's like talking about the weather.*

Oscar- ... Why you.

Olivie- A Queen Candidate and Guardian falling in love isn't particularly strange.
The problem is that it's Randy.

Lumiale- Since Randy has a serious and one-track mind personality...

Oscar- .....

Olivie- Right, right. There's no telling how it will turn out.
*Maybe you couldn't stomach it.*

Lumiale- *That's not true.*

Olivie- But I can't believe it's those two, you know?
*When did it happen.....*

Oscar- No, as for that, I'm responsible too...

Olivie- You stirred Randy up!?

Olivie- Didn't you know what would happen if you did something like that to that hot-blooded boy?

Lumiale- Oscar... how could you.

Oscar- Shut up. Even I think now I've done it.

Oscar- ...... I made a mistake.
I should have known better.

Olivie- If this reached Julious' ears, I'm sure it would cause a commotion.


Olivie- If it's handled badly, it'll end up becoming anything but a Queen Examination.

Haven't you thought about the meaning of this Queen Examination?

Oscar- Randy, are you here?


Randy- Oscar-sama, what can I do for you?


Oscar- It's about Angelique.

Randy- Yes?

Oscar- You've been seeing her often since then, haven't you?

Randy- Yes! It's fun when I meet with her. Elysion too is stabilizing and steadily showing

Randy- I want to do my best with her more, and

Randy- I want to be more help than before.

Oscar- Randy.

Oscar- What I'm trying to say is...

Randy- *Oh, that's right.*

Randy- Oscar-sama, have you seen the condition of Elysion recently?

Randy- The land is stable and the people are cheerful.
They're filled with enough courage to be able to overcome the bit of difficulty of the terrain.
Their ambition is climbing incredibly.
Aren't they strongly desiring your Sacrea of Fire, Oscar-sama?

Oscar- Are you serious?

Oscar- She's a Queen Candidate.
Don't you know the meaning of a Guardian associating personally with a Queen Candidate?

Randy- ... Are you trying to tease me by talking about that again?
You went on a date with Angelique too, didn't you!

Randy- I have a bit of work to do now.

Randy- Excuse me, Oscar-sama.

Love between a Guardian and Queen Candidate...

Randy, why in this new world,
for what purpose is this unprecedented Queen Examination being carried out?

Haven't you thought about it!?


Ange- Julious-sama.

Julious- Angelique, how is the condition of Elysion?

Ange- Yes! The cultivation is proceeding smoothly.

Julious- Really?

Julious- But, it seems there's a part you haven't noticed.

Ange- Huh?

Julious- Think about the rest yourself. The answers are all in Elysion.

Julious- It's when it seems to be going well that you're unguarded.
Be careful to look closely.

Ange- Yes, Julious-sama.

Ange- Where in Elysion is there a problem?

Ange- If I meddle carelessly it would end up being terrible.

*waves crashing*

Ange- It would end up causing trouble for the people of the continent again.

At the beginning of the examination, because my cultivation was no good, I ended up making the
people of Elysion suffer.
I don't want to make them go through too much hardship anymore.

Ange- Rosalia.

Rosa- Right, Julious-sama said...

Ange- What do you think, Rosalia?

Rosa- Well...

Rosa- I won't tell you, after all.
Julious-sama told you to think about it yourself, didn't he?

Ange- Yeah...

Rosa- Besides, you can't get advice from a rival so easily.


Ange- Oh, that's cold.

Ange- Actually, you don't know either, do you!

Rosa- I do know.

Rosa- I know very well the meaning of what Julious-sama said.


[Thirty-fourth Chapter/End]


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