Volume 10: Episode of White Light

The Thirty-fifth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Inside my heart, sunken in a dark abyss, a small crystal needle. An undecaying pain existing

Of the things she gave me, even this pain is a beloved memory.

All mine.

She was the one who chose to part... and I,

Yes, I myself chose,

To be with this bittersweet pain.



Ange- Randy-sama.

Randy- Angelique!


Randy- Goal!!

Ange- Kya!

Ange- Geez.

Randy- Thinking you're at the goal point is encouraging.

Ange- I really can't keep up with your roadwork.


Ange- Here you go.

Randy- Thanks.

Randy- Uwa, that's sweet!

Randy- ... But delicious.

Ange- It seems cocoa is good for you.
Rosalia's nurse said.

(Hey, miss!)

Randy- I see, Julious-sama...

Ange- Yes, he told me to think about the rest myself.

Randy- If Julious-sama said so, then I suppose there is something Elysion needs.

Randy- He always acts looking ahead with an impartial eye.
You should carefully consider Elysion.

Randy- Just what I expect from Julious-sama. I've been trying to watch it carefully but I have
a way to go.

Ange- It seems Rosalia has noticed too...

Randy- R... really?

*I do know.*

Ange- ... But I don't know.

I don't know what Rosalia knows.

I thought I had finally caught up...
Is something still lacking?

Recently, I... have been enjoying meeting with Randy-sama,
giddily... maybe.

Ange- Also this morning I wanted to see him and came.


Maybe, I've been too carried away and overlooking something important?

What will I do if something happened to Elysion?

Randy- What's the matter? You suddenly got quiet.

Randy- I'm sure it will be alright.
Julious-sama is a person who will acknowledge the effort, however it resulted.
Let's do our best!

Ange- However it results...?

Randy- Oh, sorry.

Ange- I can't just have any result.
If it's not the best for Elysion...

Randy- But there are times you need trial and error.
Elysion is stable now, how about trying a little adventure?

Ange- Huh?

Randy- Muscles will become flabby if you just pamper them.
*Training, training*


Ange- Please don't compare it to muscles!

Ange- Besides, I don't pamper Elysion!

Ange- Excuse me.
*in a huff*

Randy- *What was that?*

That Randy-sama, I'm seriously worried!
Though he knows what a hard time the people of Elysion have had so far.
How can he simply say it's a matter of trial and error!!

I think it's a little insensitive!!


Randy- ... So Angelique hasn't talked to me all day today.


Randy- I don't understand girls.

Randy- What do you think, Clavis-sama?

Clavis- It could be no inconvenience not talking to anyone all day.
I see nothing but an absurd lovers' quarrel.

Randy- A lovers' quarrel, oh my.


Lumiale- *How piteous...*

Clavis- *You're not denying it?*

Randy- But, Clavis-sama, you have days you don't have a conversation with anyone?

Randy- Oh...


Clavis- My impression is...
Elysion may need a break now.

Clavis- Just granting the people's desires does not fulfill the cultivation of the
continent... I mean.

Randy- Clavis-sama...
*I'm... a little impressed now.*

Clavis- Take this as a present and leave me out of it.

Randy- Yes! Thank you!

*door shutting*

If you meet people, your heart is moved.
No one can stop it.

You will be the ones to choose how it turns out.

... Golden-haired Queen Candidate.



Lumiale- Angelique?

Ange- Oh.

Lumiale- Have you gotten any definite ideas?

Ange- ... No.
I'm sorry, I've been distracted.

Ange- But letting me listen to your harp, my feelings have calmed down a little.

Lumiale- Well... I'm happy to be of help.

Ange- I... so far I've been causing trouble for the people of Elysion, so
I don't want to burden them any more.

Ange- Could that be called spoiling them?

Lumiale- ... Well, it may be a little different.

Lumiale- Because you love the people of Elysion, you don't want them to suffer.

Ange- But is that for the good of the people?

Lumiale- Sometimes you need the gentleness to watch over from afar.

Lumiale- If you're too impatient, you'll lose sight of what you're seeing.

Lumiale- I don't know what Elysion needs now, but
I want to make you a gift of the gentleness of water.


Ange- *Thank you.*

... Am I spoiling Elysion?

Uh-uh, the one I'm spoiling is myself.

Since it's doing well now, since it's easy, I've wanted to avoid unpleasant things...

Do you believe in the people of Elysion?


Being strict with myself, always thinking ahead,
I'll make decisions with compassion.


Randy- .........

Ange- Good morning, Randy-sama.

Ange- *Here.*

Randy- Angelique!

Randy- Um...

Randy- I... yesterday, I didn't mean to tell you that you were wrong.

Randy- You can't go forward if you forget the spirit of challenge.

Ange- I'm sorry.

Randy- If there's a wall, let's climb it.
I'm sure you'll believe if you have a good view.
I'll help too.

Ange- Randy-sama.

Ange- Right.

Ange- Today, I was planning to go to Elysion and take a good look at how the people are doing.
If you'd like, maybe we can meet afterwards?

Randy- Yeah, ok.

Randy- Do your best, Ange!

Ange- Right!

Ange- ... Hey, do you really climb walls!?

Randy- Yeah, free climbing is fun.



Julious- By the look of things, it seems the problem of Elysion will soon be solved.

Clavis- How strange, you talking a stroll at night.

Julious- It's already morning!

Julious- But I didn't know those two were meeting like this.

Julious- It seems Randy is becoming a good help to Angelique.
They often study together.
Now, all we can do is watch over them.

Clavis- ... You've become rather rounded out, tossed about by the years, haven't you?

Julious- What did you say?

Clavis- ...... Nothing.

Clavis- As for me, being without a few edges is uninteresting.

*Are you going to sleep now?*
Julious- Clavis, I won't tolerate you being late for work!

Rosa- Angelique's problem now is that her desires disagree with the people's.
She prefers her own pictured ideal, she doesn't reach very much for the bud of the people's

Rosa- Even though I had experience, I soon realized.
If you observe the continent carefully, it's something you should understand though.

Luva- If the people multiply, their desires become diverse too. It's important to guide them
to a preplanned outcome.

Luva- Well then, Angelique will realize soon too.

Rosa- If she doesn't realize, it will a bother to me.

Rosa- Better she arrives late now at the trouble spots I stumbled on at the beginning than never.

Luva- *Haha...*

Rosa- By the way, Luva-sama...

Luva- Yes?

Rosa- Why is Zephel-sama always here?
*And multiplying too.*

Luva- *Who... who knows?*

Marcel- Ange and Randy coming to that... I have mixed feelings.

Zephel- Everyone's getting carried away.

[Thirty-fifth Chapter/End]


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