Volume 10: Episode of White Light

The Thirty-sixth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

I kept walking through the desert one night, chasing the moon.

Walking and walking, I eventually gave up.
I knew I could never catch up to the moon in the heavens.

Perhaps if I walked that way to the ends of the earth, I could find the place the moon returns to?

Zephel- Luva.

Luva- Ah, Zephel. Welcome.

Luva- You've been showing up often recently.

Zephel- Is that bad?

Luva- No, no. As for me, I'm relieved to know how you're doing.

Luva- Anyway, I was always anxious whether you weren't up to something where I couldn't keep an
eye on you.

Zephel- What are you talking about. When you get engrossed in a book, everything else slips right
past you.

Luva- If I had just one less worry, I could concentrate on reading, couldn't I?

Luva- Ah... but concentrating too much often ends up upsetting my timing. I have to be careful.
Truly, where I'm concerned...

Zephel- ......
Hasn't she come today?

Luva- Do you mean Rosalia?

Luva- Are you concerned about her?

Zephel- That's not what I'm saying!

Zephel- Mainly, how do you feel about her?

Luva- Er... wh, what......
That is,

Luva- Ah, that's precisely one of my worries right now.

Zephel- He kind of bungled it.

Luva-sama, Luva-sama, Luva-sama!!

I want to ascertain his feeling even a little.
He always evades me.

I'm sure he like books more than me!



Julious- Splendid. That was truly a performance worthy of you.

Rosa- Thank you.


Julious- It has been a long time since I've heard your violin. You express more of a wealth of
emotion than before.

Rosa- Really?

Julious- Yes. There was a frightening intensity around the last movement.

Julious- Your sound has changed so much even I can recognize it...
Aren't you happy to be praised by me in an artistic view?

Rosa- No, it's not that.
... What you say is always right to me.

Rosa- I like talking to you, Julious-sama.

The pride of high nobility, the duty, the responsibility.
We can share the same air...

Rosa- You're an unwavering guidepost to me, who was raised as a Queen Candidate.

Rosa- Being with you,
I have the feeling I can return to my original self.

Julious- I'm happy if I can be of use to you.

Luva- The balance of the cultural level and technological strength of the people is fair.
It seems the cultivation is proceeding well.

Julious- Luva.

Luva- Julious.

Julious- Felicia and Elysion, the progress of the two continents is equal now.
No, Rosalia has a little lead, doesn't she?

Julious- If it goes on like this, Rosalia will become Queen.

Luva- ... That's right.

Julious- Luva.

Luva- Yes?

Julious- How do you feel about Rosalia?

Luva- Huh?

Luva- Huh!?


Luva- Ah, uh, um, um, um,

Julious- Calm down.

Luva- Ah... ahhh, you surprised me.
You saying something like that suddenly.

Julious- Because the Queen Candidates' hearts are uncertain, electing the next Queen is out of
the question.

Julious- There may be conflict among Rosalia's feelings of attachment for you and her position as
a Queen Candidate.

Julious- Even I understand that.
Because I understand, I'm worried...

Luva- Julious...

Julious- As the head of the Guardians, I should eliminate things that could become obstacles to
the Queen Examination.

Julious- But I wonder if that is truly proper.


Perhaps, of what happened that time?

Are you thinking of it too?

That the time when Her Present Majesty was elected,

If someone had taken a little more different actions...?

Julious- I need an answer from Rosalia.

Luva- I understand.

Luva- I... I'm a little bewildered by her direct affection.

Luva- Ah, anyway, I never thought I'd be getting advice about something like this from you.

Julious- I'm poor at dealing with women. I'm confused especially by girls that age.
*Do what you can.*

Luva- So that's why you harden your expression and end up unintentionally taking a lecturing tone.

Julious- Don't laugh.

Luva- ... I'm the same way. Frankly, I don't know how I should treat them.

Luva- But that won't do... will it.

Ange- Rosalia, aren't you going to Luva's room today?
A while ago, you looked like you were coming back from the Royal Research Institute.

Rosa- What are you talking about, Angelique?

Rosa- I don't have any special business with him.

Ange- Really?

Rosa- *Really.*

Ange- Oh, it's Zephel-sama. Hello!

Rosa- Hello, Zephel-sama.

Zephel- ... Hey.

Ange- Zephel-sama, about the phonograph in my room, when I did as you showed me, I fixed it!

Zephel- Yeah, it was really simple, right?

Zephel- Though it might be too much for a certain mechanically challenged someone.

Rosa- I can at least listen to music too.

Zephel- Though you say what anyone can do so self-importantly.

Rosa- Self-importantly? Aren't you the one who's arrogant!?

Zephel- It's you, you!

Rosa- *It's an idiot who calls people idiot!*

Ange- It kind of seems you two can't meet without getting into a fight.

Rosa- We're not fighting!

Zephel- We are not!

Ange- Kya!

Ange- Alright. I won't bother you two anymore.
Please have your friendly fight.

Rosa&Zephel- You're wrong, I said!!

Rosa- *Ooh, that girl!*

Zephel- *hmph*


Zephel- Oh... well.

Zephel- Hey.
There's something I have to talk to you about for a bit.

[Thirty-sixth Chapter/End]


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