Volume 10: Episode of White Light

The Thirty-seventh Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Rosa- What is it you want to talk about?

Rosa- If you have nothing to say, excuse me.

Zephel- Argh, how annoying.
I'll ask point blank!


Zephel- Do you seriously intend to become Queen!?

Rosa- ... Naturally.
*It's bad manners to point at people.*

Ange- *Rosalia does it often too...*

Rosa- That's what I came to the Flying City for.

Zephel- ... Really? I didn't think so at all.
You seem to be putting a lot of spirit into constantly visiting Luva's room though.

Rosa- That's none of your business.


Zephel- Geez, I don't know what's so great about him that you hang around.
He's the kind of man who's buried in books all day in his dusty room, and thinks sipping
bitter tea sometimes is the best.
Even though he's got more knowledge than other people, he's bad at explaining and it's useless.
Despite his age, he acts like an old man and the way he talks is dull.
His thoughts spin in his head so he's never clear.
I know him, put yourself in my position.

Rosa- Zephel-sama!

Rosa- Please stop badmouthing Luva-sama!

Zephel- I'm not badmouthing him, I'm just telling the truth.

Zephel- You, miss, are the one associating with him out of fickle feelings, and eventually
you'll definitely get tired of him.
I'm warning you.

Zephel- Or maybe you already have gotten tired of him.

Rosa- That's not...

Rosa- ... That's not true.
It's... if there's a book Luva-sama is interested in, he ends up getting absorbed and frankly
I get a little lonely... is what I feel sometimes.

Zephel- *Oh.*
Well, he doesn't mean anything by it.
And even a comfortable place is enough...

Rosa- I know that without you having to tell me, Zephel-sama.

Zephel- ... Oh. I'm sorry if I went too far.

Rosa- Besides, Luva-sama and I are Guardian and Queen Candidate.
Luva-sama would never...

Zephel- What's that supposed to mean?

Zephel- Guardians and Queen Candidates,
Haven't you thought of trying to consider it without things like that?

Rosa- !!

Rosa- ... I,

Rosa- If you have nothing more to say, excuse me.

Randy- Zephel.

Zephel- What? Were you watching?

Randy- I was wondering whether you said something harsh to Rosalia again.

Randy- Even at best, you have a sharp tongue, so you should be careful.
Because of that, it can't be helped that it seems you're putting Luva-sama down.

*in a huff*

Randy- It can be misunderstood.

Zephel- What's there to misunderstand.

Randy- You wanted to follow up on Luva-sama, didn't you?
You're so obstinate.
Despite that, you were saying things to upset Rosalia.

Zephel- *Stop following me.*

Randy- It's just like a kid teasing the person they like.


Randy- ... Wait a minute.
It can't be, Zephel... you like Rosalia.

Zephel- Are,

Zephel- Are you crazy!?
It's nothing like that!

Zephel- Don't compare me to someone as scatterbrained as yourself!

Randy- Oh, hey.

Randy- Zephel.

What was I trying to do...


Disregard things like Guardians and Queen Candidates...

I wonder if I can do that.

Myself as not a Queen Candidate?

*knock knock*

Ange- Rosalia, are you still awake?

Rosa- Angelique.

Ange- You seem kind of down. Did Zephel-sama say something to you?

Rosa- No. It's my own problem.
*Come in.*
*Nurse has gone to bed so she can't serve tea.*

Ange- Hey, Rosalia, I have a request.

Ange- Could you return this book to Luva-sama?

Rosa- Why me?
You should go return it yourself.

Ange- Um, um, um,
I've ended up borrowing it for a long time, so I've gotten nervous about it.

Ange- Rosalia!!

Rosa- What...

Ange- Something happened with Luva-sama, didn't it?
I think you should use this as an opportunity to talk to him!

Rosa- Huh?

Ange- But, you visited like a daily routine. You've suddenly stopped going to Luva-sama's room.
It's really strange.
*You're too predictable, Rosalia!*

Ange- So use this... ok?
*It... it's heavy...*

Rosa- Angelique.


Ange- You shouldn't be stubborn with a person you really like!

Ange- Even though we're rivals as Queen Candidates, we're friends.
You'll do your best to try to resolve everything by yourself,
but if there's something I can help with, I intend to cooperate.
Ok, Rosalia?

Angelique, you...

Rosa- *heh*

Rosa- Angelique, sometimes I envy your simplicity from the bottom of my heart.

Rosa- It makes you all the more obnoxious.


Ange- Ow, ow, ow.
*What are you doing, Rosalia?

She shouldn't have known what I was worried about.
How easily she ended up straightening things out.

I'll think about it carefully.
Forgetting about being a Queen Candidate.

Luva- Clavis, could I bother you for a minute?

Clavis- How strange, you taking the trouble to come to this room.

Luva- Ah, I suppose so.

Luva- Your room is quiet, you see. It's filled with silence and peace and it's perfect for

Luva- There's something I've never asked you directly before.
Don't you have any regrets?
About loving her before...

And about your parting, like being ripped away.

Clavis- That's in the past. It's over.
I don't blame anyone, it's a memory of the past.

Luva- Really? Hearing that makes me relieved.

Clavis- Was that all you wanted?

Luva- Yes, I'll be going now.

Clavis- Since you came all this way, stay a while.

Clavis- I'll tell you your love fortune.

Luva- ... No, thank you.

A little more...



Rosa- Luva-sama.

Luva- You're been organizing my books? Thank you.

Rosa- It's nothing.

Rosa- Um, Angelique is returning this.

Luva- Ah, right, right, certainly she's returned it. Thank you.

Luva- Rosalia, could I talk to you a bit?

Luva- Ah, Rosalia, I'm not very good at expressing my own feelings.
I'm not confident if I can communicate it well.

Luva- Ah, that is, how should I say...

Luva- Ah, I'm an easygoing person, um...
Maybe that's irritating to you, but,

Luva- Ah... for you and I to move forward,
Would you please give it a little more time?

Luva- There's not very much time left in the Queen Examination.
So I'd like you to take that time and think in respect to yourself.


Rosa- I was raised as a Queen Candidate.
So I wouldn't be me if I threw that away now.

Rosa- Luva-sama and the Queen's throne...!
If you told me to choose between them,
I'm afraid I'll choose the path to becoming Queen!

Luva- Rosalia.

Rosa- Even though I said that, you'll tell me those words?

Luva- Of course, Rosalia. Because it's you.

Rosa- But Luva-sama.
Right now... the feelings I have at least, will you please accept them?
I adore you, Luva-sama.

Luva- Rosalia, you...
What an honest and brave person you are.

Luva- Your words will be my pride.

Luva- I promise.
Whatever may happen in the future, whatever path you choose,
You will be a dear woman to me.

I will always be here.
By your side.

... Yes, like the moon shining in the sky.

[Thirty-seventh Chapter/End]


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