Volume 10: Episode of White Light

The Thirty-eighth Chapter

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Researcher- Welcome home, Oscar-sama.

Researcher2- Welcome home.

Oscar- Welcome home...?
It seems you've gotten thoroughly used to life in the Flying City.

Pastha- Oscar-sama, what is the condition of the Sanctuary?

Pastha- Was there some danger...?

Oscar- Oh...

Oscar- I went to a bit of a trouble spot.


Oscar- It has already been settled.

Oscar- The Sanctuary is quiet.
But the outside world is clearly losing it's balance.
Coming back to this new world, I realize the danger.

Oscar- All the Guardians probably feel that unease.

Oscar- Oh, Pastha, my luggage is being sent later. Sorry, but please arrange for it to be sent
to my residence.

Pastha- I understand.

Oscar- I got hold of a cask of fine wine on the main planet.
I intend to party with the ladies tonight, after so long...

Ange- Um... I've come to take my leave of Pastha-san.

Oscar- Missy!?

Oscar- It's already past time for cultivation, isn't it?

Ange- There are things on the continent I'm concerned about a bit, and I've been doing various
research, so...

Oscar- *cough*

Pastha- Well then, I'll prepare a carriage for you right away.

Ange- Oh, no thank you.

Ange- Today I intend to walk home.

Oscar- From here to the special dormitory?
That's pretty far, isn't it?

Ange- Huh? Not really.

Oscar- And it's already getting dark, right?

Researcher- Yes.

Ange- It's fine. There's nothing dangerous in the Flying City.

Oscar- That's true, but when it gets dark, you can't see where you're stepping.

Oscar- You're the one who trips on clear paths, aren't you, missy?


Ange- Oscar-sama!

Oscar- Alright, I'll escort you.

Ange- Oh, but...

Oscar- Do you think I can allow a woman to go home alone?

Ange- *Woman...?*

Ange- Oscar-sama calling me a "woman" is more dangerous, isn't it...?

Oscar- Hey now, missy.
*That's a suspicious expression.*

Ange- I'm kidding. I trust you, Oscar-sama.

Ange- Pastha-san, goodbye.

Ange- Uwaa, the sky is such a pretty color!

Ange- The truth is, I wanted to see this as I went home.

Ange- It's strange. This place is floating in the sky above the planet.
Actually, I didn't really realize it until recently. It's no different than a normal town.

Oscar- Randy must be dragging you around everywhere.

Ange- What do you mean dragging around.

Ange- He's been showing me various places.

*Imaginary Picture
Randy- Fight!
Ange- Th... that's all I've got!*

Ange- Even though I've been living here all this time, there are a lot places I don't know
about and it's fun.

Ange- I've come to love the Flying City.
And this planet with the continents, and the new world.

Oscar- I see.

Ange- Oscar-sama.

Ange- What's happening on the main planet?

Ange- Everyone is going back to the Sanctuary more often.

Ange- Is something dangerous going on?

Did she hear my conversation with Pastha?

Oscar- It's not anything dangerous.

Oscar- As the Queen Alternation approaches, it seems the balance of the cosmos is crumbling a little.
It's surfacing recently.
Suppressing that is among our duties.
It's probably because the cosmos is impatiently waiting for the birth of new Queen.

The election of the next Queen is hope.

Ange- I wonder if I can become the Queen that everyone hopes for?

Oscar- Well, that depends on you, missy.


Ange- Kya!

Oscar- But eventually the time will come that you have to choose a path.
Be prepared for that.

Oscar- Well, missy. I'll be happy if I can show up in your dreams even a little.

Ange- That's impossible!

Ange- Oscar-sama, from here on you're going to be busy with "grown-up socializing", aren't you.

Ange- But please don't drink too much.
Good night.
*Thank you.*

Oscar- The mood's kind of been ruined.
Tonight, I guess I'll go drink at Olivie's place.


Zephel- That's why I told you not to come with me, didn't I?


Zephel- *I wish I had turned him off.*

Oscar- Zephel.


Zephel- Wah!

Zephel- Why, if it isn't Oscar.
*You surprised me.*

Oscar- Funny meeting you here.

Zephel- *This is bad for my heart*

Oscar- What are you doing at this hour?

Zephel- I was tinkering with mecha at the Holy Palace and it ended up getting late, so I was
just going back to my residence...



Oscar- I see, thank you.

Zephel- Keep your big mouth shut!

Robot- *teehee*

Zephel- Hm?

Zephel- Oscar, what are you holding?

Zephel- Is that wine!?

Oscar- I'm not giving it to you.


Oscar- Children should hurry home and go to bed!

Zephel- Don't treat me like a kid!

Oscar- If I let you drink wine, Luva will give me a lecture.

*long winded*
Luva- *Ah, how should I put this... Zephel is still underage, and um... alcohol is harmful for
his developing mind, you see.*

Oscar- *fuming*

Oscar- It's mental torture!

Zephel- It's ok. He won't find out.
Right now, he has his hands full with Rosalia, doesn't he?


Zephel- Not that it matters to me.

Oscar- A brat is a brat after all. Are you jealous?


Oscar- Zephel!

Zephel- *nyah*

Zephel- It's fine. I'll just have a taste.

Oscar- A taste? Why you...

Zephel- Hey!




Zephel- Now, now, let's have a drink.


Oscar- See here, you...

Zephel- I generally don't understand her.
Even though she showed guts, going on about becoming Queen, becoming Queen.

Oscar- Do you mean Rosalia?

Zephel- Suddenly, she's so clingy, going on about Luva-sama, Luva-sama so much, it's

Zephel- Although, she's hanging around with him, perfectly understanding Luva's good points.
She's a pretty nice person.

Zephel- So's that crybaby.

*lying back*

Zephel- Recently, she's gotten bold.
Why do girls keep changing?

Zephel- Hey, Oscar.
I don't want to make them Queens against their will.

Zephel- If they don't want to become Queen, that's fine.
I can't lend my strength to an unmotivated Queen...

Oscar- Zephel?


Oscar- Even he has his complexities, doesn't he.


Robot- YES...

Oscar- I can't lend my strength to an unmotivated Queen... you say?
That's right.
I feel the same way.

Oscar- Because the Queen is a special woman to whom I offer my sword and my heart.

Clavis- You're unexpectedly romantic.

Oscar- Clavis-sama!
What are you doing here...

Clavis- This place faces the rear garden of my residence.

Oscar- ... I'm sorry for disturbing you.

Oscar- Clavis-sama, were you taking a walk?

Oscar- Or is there a woman you're visiting by night?

Clavis- Well now...


Oscar- Clavis-sama, you were present at the previous election of the Queen.
What sort of Queen Candidate was Her Present Majesty?

Clavis- ... I've forgotten it.
The past.

That lively golden-haired girl.


Clavis- We can't leave him like this.


Robot- OH...

Clavis- Take that and come with me.
I can prepare a snack.

Clavis- I'm sure Julious remembers thoroughly in his own reminiscences.

Oscar- What an unpredictable person.

Oscar- Well, sometimes nights like these aren't bad either.

[Thirty-eighth Chapter/End]


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