Volume 10: Episode of White Light

Willful Visitor

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Oscar- That's the report from the Royal Research Institute.

Julious- Thank you, Oscar.

Oscar- Also, it's not a big concern, but
it seems the animals gathered for an organism growth study have escaped from the
Royal Research Institute and are currently being tracked down.

Julious- Surely it won't cause a disturbance as far as the Holy Palace?

Oscar- That's true.

Julious- By the way, about Clavis,
Lumiale let me know that he's ill and he's taking a rest from work today.

Oscar- It's not his usual skipping work?


Oscar- Ah... no.

Julious- Clavis has a streak of negligence, but
he knows his duty as a Guardian.

Julious- Maybe... something serious has happened.

Oscar- If you're worried, I'll go see how he's doing.

Julious- No need! Why would I be worried about him?

Julious- For one who is a Guardian, bad health is proof of being unable to manage oneself.
Rather, he must be told a piece of advice to take care from now on.

Oscar- ... I understand.
I'll convey your message and incidentally see how he is.

Julious- Oh...? I leave it to you, Oscar.

Oscar- Yes, sir.

Oscar- Ordinarily, all they do is quarrel, but at a time like this, it seems he's a little

Julious-sama and Clavis-sama became Guardians at the same time when they were young.
They've spent a long time together.

Oscar- They're childhood friends, or rather, they have an unfortunate connection.

Lumiale- Oscar.

Oscar- How is Clavis-sama doing?

Lumiale- That's...

Lumiale- He doesn't want to see anyone... he said.

Oscar- It's that bad?

Don't tell me it's a harbinger of Sacrea loss...

Lumiale- .........

Oscar- I have to tell him Julious-sama's message. I'm going in!

Lumiale- You mustn't. If it's a message, I'll...

Oscar- No thanks!

Oscar- If I don't see him face-to-face, I can't accomplish my errand.


Lumiale- Oscar!!


Oscar- Clavis-sama!

Clavis- What do you want?

Clavis- I thought it was noisy. So it's you.
How unusual.

Oscar- Clavis-sama, you're...

Lumiale- *Ah... that's why I stopped you.*

Clavis- It's no problem.
It's just a little inconvenient.

Clavis- It seems if koalas don't have something to cling to, they die of stress...
*It seems anything and everything causes stress.
What self-centered evolution...*

Koala- *No.*

Clavis- Until the Royal Research Institute comes to pick it up, they said leave it the way
it is, you see. I'm letting it do what it wants.
*Why was there a eucalyptus tree in the garden of my mansion.*

Oscar- Ah...

Clavis- Come to think of it, what did Julious want?

Oscar- Oh... no, because you were ill,

Oscar- Please take care... he said.

*a model subordinate*

Julious- .........

[Willful Visitor/End]


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