Volume 10: Episode of White Light

Gorgeous Pursuer

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Randy- Are you skipping work again, Zephel?
Go back to your office!

Zephel- Stop imposing that sense of justice of yours, it's annoying!

Zephel- Besides, I'm not skipping work. It's to conduct an important experiment as Guardian of

Randy- Don't justify a mere hobby.

Zephel- What did you say!?

Marcel- Randy! Zephel!
Help me!!

Randy- Marcel, what's the matter!?
*Wah, you've got make-up on.*



Zephel- Ugh, is it him again?


Olivie- Marcel-chan.
There's no need to run.

Olivie- As the mission of the beauty-bestowing Guardian of Dream,
I'll make you pretty and cute I'm telling you.

Marcel- I... I'll pass.

Randy- Olivie-sama, Marcel hates it, doesn't he?

Zephel- That's right. Don't force him into your hobbies.

Olivie- You guys...

Olivie- Hmm, you're friends only at times like these?
... Fine. Out of consideration for a beautiful friendship, if one of you two stays, I'll let
Marcel go.

Olivie- Well, which of you wants a cute makeover?


Marcel- Randy.

Olivie- Oh? You're staying?

Randy- Olivie-sama.

Randy- Without due consideration, we don't have a reason to make a deal with you.
... Which means.

*Hightail it!*

Zephel- Excuse us!

*Tch, they realized!*
Olivie- Oh, wait!


Olivie- You're not getting away.

Marcel- Uwaa, he's chasing us.

Randy- Olivie-sama is really determined today.

Zephel- How can he get that speed in high heels.

Zephel- !



Zephel- Wah, shit.


Zephel- Randy.

Randy- Zephel, you should get in shape a little more.


Zephel- It's none of your business!


Randy- Uwa!

Randy- Coward.

Marcel- Randy.

Zephel- Hurry and come catch up!


Olivie- I caught you!

Randy- Uwaa!

Marcel- Zephel! Randy got caught!!

Zephel- Tch, he's slow, reflexes aren't his strong point.

Zephel- It can't be helped.


Zephel- Take this!!

Olivie- Pretty...

*cough cough*
*I... I'm dying.*

Zephel- Now's our chance, Randy!

Randy- Zephel.

Zephel- ... Geez, thanks to you, the new experimental materials I went to pains to get are gone.
*Ah, what a loss!*

Olivie- *Over here too.*

Marcel- I'm sorry, originally this is my fault.

Randy- Zephel, thanks.

Zephel- Don't make idle chit chat, run!
I don't have any other tricks up my sleeve.

Randy- Alright, run as fast as you can!!

Olivie- Hmm, manmade gems?
Good quality, not bad.

Olivie- Though the three ended up running away after all.

Luva- Ah, Olivie, it was very noisy.
What happened?

Olivie- Luva......

Luva- Yes?

Olivie- Are you... free for a bit now?

[Gorgeous Pursuer/End]


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