Volume 10: Episode of White Light

Marcel's Little Adventure

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa


Marcel- Hup.


*Now to shut the window properly.*

Marcel, go for the back window!

Randy- Since it's pretty hard to obtain entrance from the front at Clavis-sama's mansion.


Zephel- If he doesn't do it secretly, it's not a penalty game, is it!?

Marcel- *Whose idea is this? It's so obvious...*

Card- Sneak into Clavis' mansion and bring back the crystal ball!!

It's just a dare, isn't it?

Marcel- Zephel and Randy are cruel...


Marcel- It's so dark...


Marcel- I don't talk to Clavis-sama much, he's always sullen and hard to approach.

Marcel- Though I don't think he's a bad person.
He's kind of like a sorcerer in a fairy tale.
With human souls flying around, offering a sacrifice in the dead of night.

*You dare watch?*

Marcel- Doing black magic and summoning demons,
Practicing curses and voodoo!!


*Never mind, never mind*

Marcel- Oh no. Oh, he just seems that way.
I'm being a fool.
Right, Chupi?

Marcel- Oh, Chupi, where are you going?


Marcel- Don't, Chupi!

Marcel- Chu...

Marcel- Th... there's nothing to be afraid of. But it's strange.


Marcel- The atmosphere is kind of getting more and more dark and lonely.

Marcel- Who am I talking to? I seem like my grandfather back home.
Ha... haha.


Marcel- Kya.

Who's there!?

Marcel- *Phew.* Oh, it was Lumiale-sama.


Marcel- ? What is that?

Marcel- It seems he came out of this room though...?

Marcel- It's pitch black.



Marcel- Gyaaa!

Chupi- *chirp*?



It smells kind of sweet.

Lumiale- Marcel. Are you alright, Marcel?

Marcel- Lumiale-sama...
It seems they frightened you.

Lumiale- Clavis-sama is to blame, storing up those things.

Marcel- *gasp* What were those things?
Faces... it was full of faces.

Lumiale- Faces?

Clavis- They were sent from the Sanctuary. They're gifts.

Clavis- By some mistake, they fill the room.

Marcel- *Huh? There are no faces...?*

Lumiale- Simply because I didn't notice...


Clavis- Since it can't be helped, I appealed to Dia and she thought of a few recipes.
Would you like to try some?

Marcel- It's pumpkin pie!!

Marcel- It's very delicious, Clavis-sama!

Clavis- Really? Eat as much as you like.

Randy- Marcel, you're late.

Randy- We got pie specially from Dia-sama.

Zephel- *Hey, this is good. Spicy pumpkin.*
Eat up.

[Marcel's Little Adventure/End]


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