Volume 10: Episode of White Light

The Fool's Card

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

Olivie- Every once in a while, telling fortunes with playing cards by myself is good for ennui,
isn't it?

Olivie- Hm?
The warning card...?

Olivie- Kind of ominous...

*knock knock*

Luva- Ah, Olivie, good evening.

Julious- Sorry to interrupt.

Oscar- Hey.

Olivie- What are you all doing together?
*And trooping in here.*

Luva- Ah, since the moon is lovely tonight, following a tradition on a certain planet, I thought
we'd have a "moonlight party".
I'm speaking to everyone.

Luva- How about you too?

Olivie- I can go, but...

Olivie- Instead, Luva, why don't we play cards?
If you beat me, I'll join your moonlight party.

Luva- Huh?

Olivie- Ok?

Luva- Ah, if it's old maid...

Oscar- Hey, if it's poker, I'm in.

Olivie- *We have 4 people.*

Luva- *Poker? Poker, poker.*

Olivie- Really? What about you, Julious?

Julious- Alright. It sounds interesting.

Olivie- Then it's settled!

Olivie- Since we're going through the trouble, aren't we betting anything?

Oscar- If you say so, first I'll wager you.

Oscar- Right, if I win, how about you "go without make-up at work all day tomorrow"?
Naturally, I'll have you refrain from perfume too.

Julious- That's fine.

Olivie- What did you say!?

Oscar- If I lose, I'll do what you say all day tomorrow.


Julious- Then, I'll arrange a special holiday for you with Dia.

Olivie- Julious...

Julious- In exchange, if I win,

Julious- I want to see Clavis' annoyed expression!

Julious- It should be easy for you, shouldn't it?

Olivie- What basis are you saying that on!?


Olivie- What will I do?
They're pretty cunning, these characters...

That confidence of Oscars'... does he have very good cards, or is it simply a bluff?


Though, on the whole, he's usually overconfident.

Olivie- *annoyed*

Julious has polished a serious, calm impudence, and
I can't read him!!

Luva however,
is he really absent minded or calculating...?

Luva- Ah, it seems it's hopeless. I give up.

Olivie- Luva, really?

Luva- Yes, I'm really out of luck.

Julious- What will you do, Olivie?

Oscar- Julious-sama, Olivie wouldn't flinch at a bet like this.


Olivie- Okay, in addition, for a week you'll be my servants.
Is that alright?

Your Majesty, protect me!!

Olivie- I call!!

Oscar- A 7 to 11 straight.

Julious- I have four of a kind of kings.

Olivie- And I have...
A straight flush of hearts!!

Olivie- Call me master!!

Oscar- .........


Luva- Um.

Luva- My card is also the queen of hearts... though.

Luva- How strange.

Oscar- Olivie!!


Olivie- Caught!

Luva- Ah, it's a nice moon, isn't it.

Julious- Truly beautiful.

Olivie- Forgive me.

Oscar- At least it's different. A bunny is no good?

Olivie- Of course it's no good!

Oscar- *Hurry up and come out!*

[The Fool's Card/End]


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