Scary if it Were True

Angelique Ensemble 1

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

page 118

Scary if it Were True
by Yura Kairi

One night, in a dream,
I was a boy.


*Boy Rosalia (Rosalion?)*

Catis- Hi, welcome. I'm the Emperor's Aide.

Angelio- You're Cati... *mmph*

Rosalion- Don't make unnecessary comments.

Catis- *hahaha*

Catis- Well, don't worry about such little things.


Catis- I'll introduce you to all the Guardians.

page 119

W, wait, if I'm a boy, then...


Juliana- I am the Guardian of Light, Juliana.

Clavia- I am the Guardian of Dark, Clavia.


*springing up*

I wonder why...
Why do I have the feeling that just reversing gender is very H?

*While I was at it, I wish I had seen the other Guardians too.*



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