Golden Recollections

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by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

page i

The space between thoughts and feelings...

Luva: Oh, Dia. I was just thinking I would make some tea. Would you join me?
Dia: Luva. Um, I'd like to speak to you....
Luva: ....... It feels kind of strange. A little while ago, you were a Queen Candidate. Was it difficult?
Dia: Huh? Yes.... When I had just been nominated a candidate, I worried about how it would turn out. Now for those girls, I wonder if the worry is unbearable....
Luva: Oh? You're anxious about these Queen Candidates. But, it doesn't mean you were worried all the time, does it?

pages ii-1

Dia: Of course. Since Her Present Majesty was my reassuring friend.
Luva: Aren't these candidates like you two are?
Dia: I'd like it to be so, but....
Luva: It's alright. You're a worrier.
Dia: But....
Luva: It's alright. You must know. Maybe you don't notice. It's not hard. Only, you should remember. When you were a Queen Candidate....
Dia: When I was a Queen Candidate....
Luva: Yes, it's simple. Close your eyes and it surfaces as if it were yesterday. Look...

The beginning of the Queen Examination.

Like a day long past might be reappearing, the time the two girls appeared...

The outlines of the past surface from memory.

pages 2-3

A long time ago there was a golden haired girl.

Queen- The next Queen Candidates are two.
One is Dia and the other is Angelique.

Golden Recollections
Yura Kairi
Original Plan/ Ruby Party

Queen- In terms of your standpoint on serving a new Queen, I think I would like to hear the opinions of you young ones.
I would like you each to consider it well and come up with an answer.

All- Yes, Your Majesty.

pages 4-5

Julious- Wait, Clavis.

Julious- Her Majesty asking for our opinions means be aware of our responsibility as Guardians who must shoulder the next era.
You can't do things the way you have been up until now.

Clavis- Yes... I know.

Julious- Clavis!

Luva- Now, now, Julious.

Julious- Luva, you too. You're always lacking in assertiveness as a Guardian.

Luva- Ah... yes.

Julious- A new Queen is to be chosen. We will be central and must support the next world.

Clavis- He's an inexhaustible person in a way.


Clavis- Who are you? What are you doing there?

Angelique- Clavis-sama?

Clavis- The golden haired... Queen Candidate?


pages 6-7

Angelique- Clavis-sama, won't you climb up too?

Clavis- I, climb a tree?

Angelique- Oh, you can't climb a tree with that long robe on.

Clavis- I've never done it before... how should I do it?

Angelique- How is it? It's a lovely view, isn't it?

What a pleasant breeze blows here...

Angelique- Ufufu, I didn't think you'd really climb.
I thought the Guardians would be harder to approach.

Clavis- I may be a Guardian, but I'm not really different from a regular person. Rather, it's an inconvenience. Enough so that I've never once climbed a tree.

Angelique- Ahahaha... How awful, Clavis-sama.

Angelique- ... Your eyes under the light look violet. You seem kind of a different person than usual.

Clavis- Really?

Clavis- I thank you, Angelique. I didn't know the view seen from up in the tree was this beautiful.

And so, that there was such a soft light in the world,
... I noticed for the first time.


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