Golden Recollections

Angelique Duet Premium Box Bonus

by Yura Kairi
Translation by Marfisa

pages 8-9

Queen- What do you think? Your opinions about the Queen Candidates, Luva?

Luva- Ah, yes, I prefer Dia. Her performance is excellent and she is of a good lineage, her personality is gentle.
If she is elected Queen, there won't be any problems.

Queen- That's right...
Clavis, what about you?

Clavis- .........

Clavis- I... sense a strange radiance and hidden power in Angelique.

Queen- Oh?

Julious- I... think I would like to consider it for the time being.

Queen- Fufu... Fine, then it means the decision of the next Queen depends on Julious' decision.

Luva- Julious, I thought you were considering Dia as Queen.

Julious- Yes... I thought so until yesterday.

You're not sure? Dia! You were chosen as a Queen Candidate, how can you be so timid!
The Queen's anxiety becomes the world's anxiety. You must strengthen your resolve.

Angelique- Please wait, Julious-sama. Dia is confused.
When circumstances change abruptly, the heart wavers too. Please understand Dia's feelings.

Dia- Angelique...

Julious- What?

pages 10-11

Aren't Guardians people who protect and nurture the cosmos along with the Queen?
They should be people who sympathize more with people's feelings.

Julious- Being shown what it is to be a Guardian by a girl younger than I am was refreshing. She's a mysterious girl.

Julious- A new world, a world full of life force opened by a new Queen.
It makes me feel... if it is this girl, it might be created.

Angelique- Gold and jasper suit you. It's very becoming on you and lovely.

Luva- .........
Ah, Clavis.

Luva- If you're not honest with your feelings, it's bad for your health.

pages 12-13

Luva- Um, it may be none of my business, but...... you always end up swallowing your words, don't you?
I have the feeling that you're always downcast by that weight...

Luva- Oh, ah, please don't be offended.
What I mean is...

Luva- You should honestly speak as you feel more.

I need you. I can't imagine a time from now on without you anymore.

Won't you stay by my side from now on forever?

Angelique- ... I'm fond of you Clavis-sama.
But, it's very sudden... and I'm a Queen Candidate.
After I think it over carefully, I'll reply.

Tomorrow... at this lake...


Clavis- Angelique?

pages 14-15

Julious- Angelique isn't coming here.


Please tell Clavis-sama at the lake.
Tell him that because of an urgent summons from Her Majesty, I can't go at the time we agreed on, but please wait.
Please, Julious-sama!

Julious- How could you meet with a Queen Candidate this way?

Julious- How can a Guardian make a personal engagement with a Queen Candidate?
Even you must comprehend the importance of electing the next Queen.

Why doesn't she come?

Julious- Since long ago you've looked away from what you should see... stop acting indifferent. Don't disappoint me!

What are you doing here?


pages 16-17

Julious- To support the Queen, to protect the order of the cosmos, that must be we Guardians' duty.
We are the Guardians of Light and Dark who should support the Queen's two wings.

Is this... her answer...?

Clavis- Guardians of Light and Dark...

Clavis- That's right. That is why you and I can't understand each other......

Julious- ?

Clavis- Remember, I'm not here of my own will.
I'll never become like you!

Clavis- Queen's faithful Guardian (read servant) Julious.


Don't interfere with me any more!!

pages 18-19

Luva- Clavis.
Ah, I heard you were avoiding Angelique.

Luva- I was worried that you might be angry about the matter at the lake in the woods.
... Just what happened?

Clavis- ... Nothing...
Nothing in particular.

Yes, since the beginning...

Nothing happened.

Under those conditions,
she was decided as the next Queen.
As for Clavis...

As Her Majesty wishes.

page 20

And so the time comes round again that
a golden haired girl knocks at the door.

Embracing a bouquet of new hope.

A golden haired Queen Candidate...
And her name is-


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