Manga Translations Vols. 1-5

Volume 1: The Two Queen Candidates

The First Chapter
The Second Chapter
The Third Chapter
The Fourth Chapter
The Fifth Chapter
Extras and Afterword
Volume 2: Scenic Sunday

Angels' Holiday
Scenic Sunday
The Sixth Chapter
Volume 3: The Boy of the Green Hill

The Seventh Chapter
The Eighth Chapter
The Ninth Chapter
Angel Girl Circumstances
Extras and Afterword
Volume 4: The Shining Land of Hope

The Tenth Chapter
The Eleventh Chapter
The Twelfth Chapter
The Thirteenth Chapter
The Fourteenth Chapter
The Magic of Love
Early Afternoon Scenery
Extras and Afterword
Volume 5: The Stone Which Forms Dreams

The Fifteenth Chapter
The Sixteenth Chapter
The Seventeenth Chapter
The Eighteenth Chapter
Midnight Gap
To the Land Dreamed of Once
Sonnet of Dappled Sunlight


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