Manga Translations Vols. 6-11

Volume 6: The Sound of Running Water in the Frozen Night

The Nineteenth Chapter
The Twentieth Chapter
The Twenty-first Chapter
The Twenty-second Chapter
The Twenty-third Chapter
Extras and Afterword
Volume 7: The Girl in the Forest of Darkness

The Twenty-fourth Chapter
The Twenty-fifth Chapter
The Twenty-sixth Chapter
The Twenty-seventh Chapter
Volume 8: The Key to the Steel Door

The Twenty-eighth Chapter
Gaiden- Luva
Gaiden- Catis
Gaiden- Dia
Gaiden- Randy
Volume 9: Rondo of Fire and Love

The Twenty-ninth Chapter
The Thirtieth Chapter
The Thirty-first Chapter
The Thirty-second Chapter
The Thirty-third Chapter
Volume 10: Episode of White Light

The Thirty-fourth Chapter
The Thirty-fifth Chapter
The Thirty-sixth Chapter
The Thirty-seventh Chapter
The Thirty-eighth Chapter
Willful Visitor
Gorgeous Pursuer
Marcel's Little Adventure
The Fool's Card
Boy's Festival
Volume 11: The Girl Opens the Door

The Thirty-ninth Chapter
The Fortieth Chapter
The Forty-first Chapter
The Forty-second Chapter
The Forty-third Chapter
The Final Chapter


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