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Golden Recollections

From the Premium Box version of Angelique Duet.
Incidentally, this is the exact same comic that came with the original Angelique Premium Box.

Pages i-7
Pages 8-20
Angelique Ensemble 1-3

Scary if it Were True 1
Scary if it Were True 2
Scary if it Were True 3
Angelique Treasure

"My Precious Day" by Yura Kairi
"The Queen's Mischief" by Tachibana Kaimu
"Approve you" by Fuyunagi Reku
"Mel-chan's Depression" by Omishi Rei
"Sweet here after" by Shimokitazawa Suzunari
"Love Magician" by Akiyama Tamayo
"Fortune Cookie" by Shimeno Tsukasa
"Endless Waltz" by Yoneyama Setsuko
"The Rain Falling on You" by Kominami Tatsuya
"24 Hours in the Life of a Guardian- Guardian of Earth Edition" by Ootomo Kiya
"STAY WITH YOU" by Kitakami Ryou
"Steel's Pure Heart" by Mutchiri Muunii
"Angel's Surprise Attack" by Nakagawa Katsumi
"Afternoon Longing" by Funato Akari


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