Angelique Q&A

Q: What is the seniority of the Guardians?

Their reigns are arranged in an old rotation and end up in the following manner. Furthermore, the age at which they became Guardians is in parentheses.

Julious (5), Clavis (6), Luva (15), Oscar (18), Lumiale (17), Olivie (20), Randy (16), Zephel (16), Marcel (14).

Oscar and Lumiale were at about the same time. Julious, Clavis, and Luva are veterans who took their positions as Guardians before the present Queen's coronation.

Q: Please tell us the Guardians' favorite items.

The things they casually carry on their persons and place nearby are more favored than expected. If you become friends with Lumiale and Zephel, they may even specially introduce you to their favorite items...

Julious- Personal ornaments of gold and lapis lazuli (he believes they suit him extremely well. It seems they were admired by the Queen when she was a Queen Candidate. Though he had absolutely no ulterior motive towards her).

Clavis- Amethyst personal ornaments. A crystal ball (when he had to leave home to become a Guardian, he received the telescopic crystal from his mother).

Luva- A globe, and magnifying glass. A turban (in the custom of his home, he can't take it off in front of the opposite sex except for the single partner he gives himself to).

Lumiale- Paintings. A harp he brought from home (its tones are admired by Clavis).

Oscar- A sword handed down by his ancestors for generations. An earring on only one side (it seems it has a meaning, but he doesn't want to say what).

Randy- A cape (when he became a Guardian, he was asked what he would like prepared, it was the first thing he requested. The reason is, because it's cool. Since he was young, he had always wanted to wear that kind of clothes). A dog (a Labrador retriever he's gotten fond of in the Flying City. It seems it's the pet of a person who goes to the park).

Olivie- A mirror (he looks into it dozens of times a day).

Zephel- A mecha he made himself (with an AI it walks around by itself. But, it always stalls at the edge of the desk. They say it's because it fell off the desk once or something. Anyway, it doesn't seem to be able to fly).

Marcel- The little bird Chupi (they even take walks together).

Q: I often see the Guardians whispering something to each other in the office, but what is it?

From official discussions to idle chatting, the Guardians too exchange conversations on various subjects. On each of those occasions, the Guardians' affinity goes up or down. The Guardians' personal relations change subtly from day to day.

Q: Angelique often says "I'm exhausted", is she easy to tire out?

The Flying City has a different magnetic field than the world Angelique and Rosalia have lived in so far, the nature of the power that they use is also different. A spirited girl like Angelique is also easy to tire out as expected. The power used in even just talking to the Guardians is great. In proportion to increasing the number of hearts, she becomes more active. If you use up the number of hearts, you're completely exhausted like after finishing hard work. There's nothing you can do but sleep and recover.

Q: Talking to Dia, I have the feeling that she is really a perfect lady and that she would have been the proper Queen...

In the previous determination of the Queen, no particular examination was carried out.

The previous Queen, saw the two's personalities. Angelique (the present Queen) who "has determination and is full of vitality" was chosen as Queen. And Dia who "is gentle, prudent, and has accurate judgement. Furthermore, she can skillfully regulate the personal relations between the Queen and the Guardians and moreover between the Guardians" was considered the proper Queen's Aide.

Q: If I abandon the Queen Examination for love, will the cosmos be destroyed?

It's alright. Even if Angelique gives up the Queen's throne, Rosalia is recognized by self and others as born to become Queen. Without showing a hint of agitation, she diligently continues to cultivate the planet, passes the examination and as Queen, becomes the support of the cosmos.

In that case, Angelique is appointed Queen's Aide, guarding their love preciously with her partner Guardian, the months and years pass. When her partner steps down from his post of Guardian, Angelique also retires as Queen's Aide, after that the two can live happily outside the Sanctuary. Rosalia becomes a Queen with a top class disposition and ability, even among successive Queens, and Queen Rosalia's establishment is long lasting and the cosmos is secure.

Q: When the cosmos where the Mother Star System is, is destroyed, is Pastha and Sara's home planet alright? It was supposed to be a remote planet outside the Queen's jurisdiction...

Don't worry. The Queen is duly concerned about planets outside her jurisdiction.

When the final stage of the Queen Candidates' exam approached, the Queen told the people living on planets at the outskirts of the Mother Star System about the crisis of the cosmos and her idea. "I will attempt to transfer planets that desire it along with the planets of the Mother Star System."

On Pastha's people's home planet, they expressed gratitude for this message and desired to cast in their lot. If you've played, you know how the result turns out.

Q: Clavis' lines suggest that something must have happened in the past. Frankly, what happened?

Frankly, it was a tragic love for the present Queen.

The time of the previous Queen determination an exam was not carried out, it was decided by the previous Queen's voice of authority, but as candidates the present Queen and Dia stayed in the Sanctuary several months. During that time, the Guardians also came to wish them well.

Clavis fell in love with the bright and spirited present Queen. Despite that the present Queen was friendly towards Clavis, the present Queen met the previous Queen's expectations and chose the throne over love.

Disappointed in love, Clavis' pessimistic tendency became even stronger. The people who know about this are Dia, Luva, and a very few others. Julious acts like he doesn't know.


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