basic play mechanics

An illustrated guide to the earliest Angelique games.
This is just a basic guide; more in-depth information can be found on the guides page.

the basics

The Title Screen

This is from the first game gAngeliqueh for Super Famicom as are all of these screen-shots. The basics are the same for Special, Duet, and Special 2.
The Flying City

This is where the game takes place. Clockwise from the bottom is the Dormitory, the Audience Room, the Royal Research Institute, the Holy Palace, the Lake in the Woods, the Fortune-Telling Hall, and in the middle is the Park. Except for moving between areas, all of your actions take up hearts of which you start with 4 and can have 8 maximum.
The Dormitory

This is where you live. You can see your progress (updated when you go to the planet), listen to music in the game, save (in later games you can load here too), and restore your hearts by going to sleep in your bed. All your actions here are free (they donft use up hearts). Sometimes, a Guardian will come to ask you for a date. You can also invite a Guardian here for a date to chat with them about their background, likes, and dislikes.
The Holy Palace

This is where Dia and the Guardians have their offices. Closed on Saturdays and Sunday is everyonefs day off. On Sundays you can go here to ask the Guardians for dates or get free date advice from Dia.
The Offices

This is an office. You can ask a Guardian to use a little or a lot of his power to help you or to hinder your opponent. A little power costs 2 hearts, a lot of power costs 4 hearts. You can also talk for 2 hearts about yourself or listen to the latest rumors.
The Royal Research Institute

This is where you can go to see your progress. Going down to the planet costs 4 hearts and seeing a report costs 1 heart. Saturday is allocated for you to go to the planet (there isnft really much else to do anyway). Closed on Sundays.
The Planet

Your land is named Elysion and Rosaliafs is Felicia. The goal is to reach the center island which takes 71 buildings. Every time you come here you find out about the needs of your people through a priest at the shrine. You can also look around and talk to the people in the houses.
The Fortune-Telling Hall

This is where you can find out how everyone is getting along with everyone else. For 1 heart you can have your fortune told (or anyone elsefs). For 2 hearts you can have a spell used which will make any two people be more compatible with each other. Closed on Saturday and Sunday, but on Saturday you can get free readings.

Fortune-telling Result

The top is what yours and Rosaliafs results look like. Affinity is on top and compatability is on the bottom in green for each person. The Guardiansf results show only their feelings for you and Rosalia and their best and worst friend among the other Guardians. 100 is the maximum for compatability and 200 is the maximum for affinity. When you reach 200 you can have that Guardian fall in love with you, or you can fall in love with that Guardian. Your compatibility doesnft necessarily have to be at 100 for this to happen, but it speeds things up if it is high.

Click here for a chart of compatibilities.

The Lake in the Woods

This is one of the places you can go on a date. Dating uses up all of your remaining hearts. It is a good idea to get the Guardians to like you because then they will use their powers for your benefit without you having to ask them. You have to go on this kind of date in order to get a confession of love. Once you get five hearts you can pray at the waterfall and a random Guardian (or Rosalia) may come and you can go on a date. Closed on Saturday.
The Park

This is another place you can go on a date. If you go on a date here, you have to answer a bunch of questions testing your awareness of whatfs going on in the game. When you come here by yourself, sometimes during the week a Guardian will be in the Park and you can arrange a date for the next Sunday for 1 heart. Closed on Saturday.
The Audience Room

Every month you go here to have your progress evaluated. If you do well, you get another heart added to your power.
The Endings

There are a number of different endings you can get. The best ending is the one in which Angelique becomes Queen. Another ending is if Rosalia becomes the Queen. There are also nine different glove loveh endings with each Guardian (one might say these are the real best endings). Another way to end the game is to run out of time (you get 999 days) for the test and end in a draw. And there are still other endings.


> You can end the day quickly by pressing the cancel button to go straight to bed. Be careful since this option does not allow you to save before you go to bed, since you donft go into your room.

> During some conversations, like choosing a place for a date or the topic of a discussion, you can press the cancel button to let the other person choose what they want to do.

> If you go into your room when you run out of power, you canft go back out. So donft go to your room until youfve finished doing everything youfre doing.

> Turning people away makes them like you less. It is better to let a person in and then reject them than it is to ignore the knock.

> Is Rosalia constantly hindering your progress? Try becoming friends. To become friends with Rosalia, just keep following her around and talking to her. It also helps to use spells to raise your compatibility.

> The easiest way to become Queen is to get all the Guardians to like you. A high compatibility makes this go faster. You can use this chart to choose a sign and blood type for all around compatibility and then supplement that with spells at the Fortune-Telling Hall. Work hard the first month to earn an extra heart so that you can go pray at the waterfall for a date anytime you want. Lake dates are good for affinity points.

> You can get any Guardian to fall in love with you quickly by first choosing a highly compatible sign and blood type from this chart and then going on dates. Lake dates are particularly good because you donft have to do anything. You can also talk to them about yourself or the people they like. Each Guardian also has a favorite date spot. For example, Luva would rather talk than go outside.

> Go to the Lake on Sunday and listen to Sara and Pasthafs story. Do this enough Sundays to hear their whole story and you get to see a special screen.


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