Angelique World & Game Explanation

What is the Game "Angelique"?

For those who heard of the game "Angelique" for the first time from this book, first let's roughly introduce the contents of the game.

"Angelique" is a Super Famicom soft (standard retail price is 9,800 yen) introduced as "the industry's first simulation game for girls".

The world of this game is controlled by a Queen and nine Guardians who each preside over one of nine powers that are the components of the cosmos. When either the Queen's or the Guardians' power declines, the next candidate is chosen from among the people of that world, and they alternate.

One such day it was decided to finally elect the next Queen. The Queen Candidates chosen are two. One is from the nobility, beautiful, who has a thorough knowledge of being Queen, Rosalia De Catargena. And the other one is from the general masses, brightly spirited, an all-around average girl, and in short is you the player.

In order to elect the Queen, an unprecedented special examination is carried out. It consists of cultivating the people by sending the Guardians' powers to a planet in a separate cosmos. When you send the power the people desire, the continent is developed, and the buildings increase. You and Rosalia are each given one continent, eventually, the one who builds a building on the small island that connects the two continents passes the examination! and publicly becomes Queen.

This is the primary object of the game. But, "Angelique" has one more method of enjoyment. It is the essence of "a game for girls".

The nine Guardians are all handsome men each with different charms. Furthermore, although they are in a unique situation as Guardians, basically they are in no way different from average people.

In the Flying City where the game is set, you meet them daily, request that they send power to the planet, exchange conversation, and occasionally you can even go on a date. In that time, love grows and you foster love with a favorite Guardian rather than become Queen, you can develop the story in that direction. To put it clearly, "Angelique" is a love simulation game that unfolds in a fantastic world.

When the game begins, you enter your zodiac sign and blood type. Since those are fixed for the Guardians, compatibility is determined accordingly. Similarly speaking, according to your compatibility, a difference appears in how your affinity rises, meaning your own personal love drama develops.

Being Queen, or love, choosing which depends on you.

The Organization of the Cosmos

Well, from here on the discussion is a bit difficult. Let's explain about the world view of "Angelique".

There are innumerable "cosmoses". Among these there are cosmoses in which occur "worlds" which foster life and civilization.

In "Angelique", two worlds in separate cosmoses are the main settings.

One is the Mother Star System, the central star system of the cosmos governed by the Queen. Think of the scale as being on the order of a galactic system. Besides the main planet on which the Queen resides, it is dotted with numerous planets on which people live. The ocean planets and industrial planets the Guardians come from are in this Mother Star System.

The main planet is, in all aspects of things like politics, culture, and economics, the center of the Mother Star System. Consequently, it is considerably more distinguished compared to the other planets controlled by a ruling class.

And, the Sanctuary where the Queen and Guardians live is also on the main planet. Besides the Queen's palace and each Guardian's mansion, every kind of institution is organized in the Sanctuary. It is on the surface, but it is cut off from the outside world by a special barrier and the flow of time is different from the outside world.

The other one is the new world, a world born in a separate cosmos from the Mother Star System. The planet the heroines Angelique and Rosalia cultivate is here. This planet's growth conditions are extremely unstable, and if the Queen's and Guardians' power isn't sent, the population doesn't increase very much.

In the sky above this planet, a Flying City is established, on which there are facilities to manage and assist for better guidance in fostering life. The Royal Research Institute which conducts research studies of the planet, housing facilities. Recreational facilities like parks are maintained. The one the heroines live in during the examination is one among a number of flying cities. And, on the occasion of a Queen Examination, the Holy Palace where the Guardians reside and work is specially established.

The Mother Star System and new world are linked by a passage called the Dimensional Corridor. It connects the Queen's palace on the main planet of the Mother Star System with the Flying City. Ordinary people can't pass without the Queen's permission, but the Guardians and Dia are permitted to come and go freely. Angelique and Rosalia can utilize this Dimensional Corridor only when the Periodic Inspection is carried out every 28 days.

Keep in mind, not all the planets in these cosmoses are under a Queen's rule. There are a small number of planets on which reside races that have developed independently. For example, the remote planet where Sara and Pastha's home is. It is in the same cosmos as the Mother Star System, but it is not under the Queen's rule.

About the Queen and the Guardians

The Queen and the Guardians are the managers who preside over all the advancement of the cosmos.

The presence of the Queen stimulates life, the power of the Queen supports the cosmos, and the will of the Queen guides the world in a better direction.

The nine Guardians each preside over the control of one power. These nine powers are the components of the cosmos and at the same time, maintain the cosmos, and influence people's spirits. Though the Guardians' individual personalities and ways of thinking are at odds, under the Queen they faithfully execute their duties, and are successful in uniting in important situations. As for the nature of the power each Guardian presides over, consult the table.

And, the Queen's and the Guardians' power is not eternal. But, the power must always be provided. For this, when the power becomes weak, they turn over the position to the proper person for being entrusted with that role. The Queen and the Guardians, having knowledge beforehand of the period of alternation, make meticulous preparations.

In the case that there are two or more Queen Candidates, the method to decide the next Queen is entrusted to the present Queen. As for the candidates not elected, according to their own will, there are many who become the Queen's Aide, who aids the Queen and intermediates with the Guardians.

In the case of Guardians, when the period of alternation nears, from the people who have the same type of disposition as themselves, they decide the person that seems the most proper as a successor. The successor and the family is informed at this time, to urge them to prepare. Just before the alternation, the successor is called to the Sanctuary, after receiving instruction on being a Guardian from his predecessor, he is formally appointed. In this way, the alternation of Guardians takes ample time, since it is carried out meticulously, but sometimes the appointment is sudden. In this case, he receives instruction from the other active Guardians.

Thus, a person who becomes a new Queen or Guardian, from that time lives a different time, and watches over the changes of the times of many generations of people. And when they have transferred their duties to the next person, they return to the life of an ordinary person.

Power Nature In the Game Present Guardian
Light action (motion), the source of motivation shining pride Julious
Dark rest (stillness), rest as opposed to action the peace brought by darkness Clavis
Wind movement, bears the breath of life the courage borne by the wind Randy
Water medical treatment, healing protective power the gentleness of heart-healing water Lumiale
Fire military affairs, destruction and creation the strength of fire Oscar
Green fertility, flourishing of plants and animals the bounty brought by green Marcel
Steel technology, technology to process metals and minerals the ingenuity to master steel Zephel
Dream beauty, love, pleasure, freedom the beauty bestowed by dreams Olivie
Earth knowledge, wisdom, the foundation of everything earthly wisdom Luva

About the Organization of Society

The Queen's political rule does not carry to everything, but that influence transcends administrative institutions. And, besides administrative institutions, also there exist institutions which are not under the Queen's direct control.

The Royal Research Institute conducts comprehensive research about the world and the cosmos. On a world in a separate cosmos, in the situation that it is impossible to gather research with only the help of the people who live on that world, an expeditionary force is dispatched by the Queen's special command, it is also an institution under the Queen's direct control. As for the people engaged by these institutions, many are people who come from particular lineages. Soldier and scholar are hereditary.

As for the society of "Angelique", the noble class and common class are greatly divided, but legally there is no difference in social status. Even in the financial aspect, it isn't necessarily true that the nobility are prosperous and the commoners are poor, it may follow more exactly lineage than class.

The noble class turns out the majority of Queens and Guardians, and their lineages have the respect of the people. Because houses from which come Queens and Guardians are granted various favors, many are financially blessed.

There are ranks even among the noble class, particularly a house that turns out a Queen is ranked as greater nobility.

The people who become Queens and Guardians from the common class aren't as many compared to the noble class, but it's not unprecedented. Incidentally, the heroine is also common class.

Not registered with the government are a small number of people who move through various places, there also exist nomadic people who earn their living in the circus and by fortune-telling and such. It is extremely rare, but it seems Queens and Guardians are also born from nomadic people. Among the present Guardians, Clavis is said to come from nomadic people, but he himself does not reveal his childhood.

The major educational institution is Smallney Girls' Academy which the heroine and Rosalia both attend. In the girl's academy established by the Queen, kindergarten, primary school section, middle school section, high school section, college, up to graduate school are completely furnished, it is a women's educational institution by women for women.

In general, it's known for the many children of nobility who attend, there aren't many children of the common class like the heroine. It seems the heroine entered the primary school section because of easy reasons like "the clothes are cute" and "because it's close from home".......

Since there are many children of nobility, the possibility is great of Queen Candidates being chosen from among the students. Because of that, there is even a curriculum put together to learn to be prepared as Queen Candidates. Incidentally, the "spirit of Smallney Girls' Academy" is "creation of the cosmos" and "service to the world".

The clothes that the heroine wears in the game is the common design of uniform from the primary through high school section. Rosalia's blue one piece is private wear. Provided one doesn't lose school spirit, attending school in private wear is allowed.

Science and technology are considerably advanced, since by being under the Queen's rule material culture and spiritual culture achieve a harmonious development, using technology and knowledge for other than peaceful goals is prohibited. Great consideration is given to the environment, care is taken that neither industry nor transportation have a negative effect on surroundings.

As for traveling between stars and planets within the same star system, spacecraft and high speed routes are used. As for the means of travel between stars, although there are dedicated high speed routes, the amount of energy used is enormous, and since there is the threat of destroying the balance of the cosmos, they aren't used very much except for investigation and immigration.

It is possible to travel between cosmoses only by means of the Dimensional Corridor. Since it is under the jurisdiction of the Queen and the Guardians, ordinary people, except by the Queen's special command, can't use it.


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